South African Students Chimp Out Because Exam is Difficult for Them

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

After the recent Chimp Out about slow Wi-Fi, South African student niggers continue to lose their composure over highly problematic and completely unacceptable things.

So in this case, I’m sure they too had a very good reason for walking out of that exam.

BBC News:

Students at a university in South Africa gave up on writing an exam – and started protesting that it was too difficult, local media reports say.

I don’t believe you, BBC. You’re fake news.

I don’t believe you either, funny Twitter handle. You’re fake tweets.

This isn’t how niggers behave. I’m serious.


Why y’all widepeoples got da eivil insides, not ledding da blacs tell dey tales?

She said:

“To show that this test was unfair, the entire class walked out. Even those who are geniuses left.”

Another student said:

“The lecturer himself does not understand philosophy. So how can he teach it to us? The test was not what we expected. It was set up to be difficult.”

No BBC. Stop. I’m not buying your fertilizer anymore. Nothing about this makes sense.

We’re all woke here. You can’t fool us with your white supremacist discourse.

We’re going to get to the bottom of this.

Truth shall be served.

I told you, we got to the bott—

Hold on.

They wanted to move on to “HEDA032” and the test was “HEDA031”… and they said they are done with “HEDA031” and want to move on to “HEDA032” because their degrees await them…


Shouldn’t they have enough knowledge about “HEDA031” or whatever to pass a test about it, if they already “learned” about it?

Of course not. That would be totally unfair and a very nazi thought to have.

It’s well known niggers just don’t have the brain capacity that actual humans with less melanin have. New information literally pushes out old information through their ears, because their cranial capacity is just too small.

Imagine how quickly the average white college student memorizes a bunch of stuff they don’t understand, vomits it out onto paper, and then forgets about it.

Now, imagine what that process would look like in a negro – assuming they didn’t cheat the first time they took the test, which would have been impossible, because black people are very honest and never cheat at anything.

It’s not fair to ask as much of them as you’d expect from any normal person.

This whole situation is disgusting.

We have to reform the education system, which is designed to cater to the albino peepholes, and create a new system that plays to the strengths of dae black beebops.

Maybe a Cannibalism Cuisine 101 course would be more appropriate for them, in the meantime.