South African Politician to Face Punishment for Saying Colonialism had Some Positive Aspects

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2017

I have no idea how this statement is controversial.

If it were not for colonialism, Africans would still be cannibal warlords living in mud huts.


The former head of South Africa’s main opposition party faced suspension from party activities on Saturday following tweets in which she said colonialism had some positive results.

The uproar over Helen Zille’s comments underlined the challenges facing the Democratic Alliance, whose roots lie in white liberal opposition to apartheid decades ago. The party has broadened its appeal and made big gains in local elections last year, but the ruling African National Congress still dismisses it as primarily representative of South Africa’s white minority.

Zille, who is white, tweeted in March that the colonial legacy was not only negative, citing “our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc.”

Race relations remain a sensitive topic in South Africa, which held its first all-race elections after the end of white minority rule in 1994. Many South Africans criticized Zille, a former journalist and anti-apartheid activist who is now premier of the opposition-controlled Western Cape province.

Her comments damaged the party and undermined reconciliation efforts in South Africa, said Mmusi Maimane, a black who replaced Zille as party leader.


A Black replaces leader of party representing White minority!


“We live in a fragile democracy, which means our public representatives must, at all times, be sensitive to the legitimate anger that people still feel about our past and its legacy,” Maimane said in a statement.

Party leaders have decided that Zille should be “suspended from all party-related activities until such time as her disciplinary hearing is concluded,” Maimane said.

“I cannot be bullied into resigning or incriminating myself,” she tweeted. Zille also disputed Maimane’s comment that she had declined to apologize, saying she had done so publicly.

Very nice.

The “don’t apologize” meme is gaining traction across the White World.

As far as the concept of colonialism – it was done with the same mindset as modern UN foreign aid missions. There is literally no difference, except that the former was Christian and the latter is post-Christian (while still maintaining the Christian-oriented guilt mentality).

Honestly, I think colonialism ultimately was a bad idea.

I mean, if we would have left it in place as it was, maybe it would have been okay. Or rather, left it in place until the natives were actually capable of running it themselves (which was the ultimate goal). But that only really worked out in Hong Kong and Singapore. And of course in the US and Canada, where the natives were exterminated. The rest of the former colonies are a mess.

The “let’s bang these native bitches” Spanish-style of colonialism has had mixed levels of success, but ultimately not worked out that well. Mexico is not doing that well. Most of South America is not doing that well (though with South America, the mass importation of Black slaves certainly didn’t help anything).

Spain’s interbreeding program did create a mixed-race upper class in Mexico which has made it a much better country than say, Honduras or El Salvador.

With the Africans, it would have been best to let them continue living how they were living, rather than bringing them any Western systems or technologies at all. They would probably have done better if they had a Barack Obama/Cory Booker type mulatto ruling class – but wasn’t nobody going to bang those African women.

Colonialism – or, more specifically, colonialism plus the end of colonialism – is what is responsible for the African birthrate. Their population, at around 1 billion now, will reach 4 billion in the next 80 years, specifically because we brought them certain modern technologies.

So, yes: while colonialism worked out well in HK and Singapore, where the gooks were able to pick it up and run with it, was obviously fine in North America where the British had a policy of extermination, and had mixed results in Latin America, I think the effects of colonialism on Africa were overwhelmingly negative.

The Africans would be better off as jungle cannibals, and we – and the planet itself – would be better off if they weren’t breeding like cockroaches.

I get what Helen Zille was trying to say – “but we brought you civilization though” – and I get that Africans are so absolutely stupid that they genuinely believe they would have invented their own civilization without white assistance – the fact is, all parties would be better off if Africans were still looked at as David Livingstone looked at them: as a weird form of vaguely humanoid fauna.

Bottom line: the blacks are right for the wrong reasons.

I think all South African Whites should be given a right to return to Europe, similar to the right to return that Jews have in Israel (except that they wouldn’t need to displace or slaughter any natives in the way the Jews are doing).

South African Whites are having a very difficult time under Black rule.

And that is leading to things like this, which I don’t think any of us want to see.

Colonialism could have worked in Africa, if it would have been kept in place.

But maybe, due to a mix of Christian and Enlightenment thought – and of course the Jew revolutionaries – this was never a possibility.

Right now, I think we should pull the Whites out of South Africa, stop UN aid, and just let the Chinese do what they want to do with the continent.