South African King, Nephew of Nelson Mandela, Goes on Axe Rampage in the Palace!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2020

King Dalindyebo

Did you know that the “democracy fighter” and terrorist Nelson Mandela turned his family into a royal family after taking over the South African government?

He was already a tribal “king,” but he made himself and his family into national royalty.

They don’t mention that very often. Kinda makes the whole idea of a “democracy loving terrorist bomber” seem dumb.

BBC News:

A South African king, a nephew of the late Nelson Mandela, has been arrested after allegedly going on the rampage with an axe in the palace.

Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, freed from jail on parole in December, broke into the Thembu royal palace in the early hours.

Witnesses said he was searching for his son, the regent, who was appointed the acting monarch while he was in prison.

The regent escaped through a window, but his wife has been injured and taken to hospital, a royal spokesman said.

King Dalindyebo was sentenced to 12 years in jail for kidnapping, assault and arson, but only served four years after the president granted some prisoners early parole last year.

He was the first monarch to be convicted of a crime in South Africa since white-minority rule ended in 1994.

The 56-year-old comes from the Thembu clan, to which Mr Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, belonged.

South Africa has seven officially recognised monarchs representing different ethnic groups and clans.

Royal spokesman Prince Siganyeko Dalindyebo said the king had broken into the palace – Bumbane Great Place, just outside the town of Mthatha in Eastern Cape Province – at around 03:00 local time (01:00 GMT) on Friday morning.

“He was carrying weapons such as [an] axe, a machete and also a crowbar. He managed to break a window from the sitting room of the main house,” he told public broadcaster SABC.

“As he was moving up the stairs looking for the acting king, some people managed to distract him and then the acting king managed to jump out of a window, running for safety.”

Imagine carrying an axe, a machete AND a crowbar! You can’t even do that in a video game!

South Africa is awesome, and the Jews are right – we should make America more like South Africa by removing all whites from positions of power.

I want a black king of America who can dual-wield an axe, a machete and a crowbar.

Melee dual-wield is so badass.

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