South Africa: Woman Robbed by Monkey Gets 2 Years in Prison for Saying Mean Words

Daily Stormer
March 30, 2018

“My daughter might go into one of the most violent prison systems on the planet for saying mean words, I really hope no one thinks I’m racist because of that.”

Diversity is so great that it collapses immediately if you don’t criminalize anyone who says mean words.

Actual crime, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be that important.

The Guardian:

A white woman has been jailed in South Africa for yelling racist abuse at a black police officer, in a case that laid bare attitudes that endure more than two decades after the end of apartheid.

In a ruling that lawyers believed to be the first prison term imposed in South Africa for verbal racial abuse, estate agent Vicki Momberg was sentenced to three years, with one year suspended, for directing offensive slurs at the officer. Previously people convicted of the same crime have been fined.

For those of you who don’t know, South Africa is literally one of the worst shitsholes on the planet, even by shithole standards.

On any given year, the approximately 46 million or so niggers living there (there are contradictory numbers on this since these animals can’t even count themselves) commit almost as many murders as the entire continent of Europe combined.

And the stats for the rest of the crimes are even worse, with South Africa being the world leader of rape and gang-rape of children, including babies.

They need to have actual public service announcements telling the monkeys that raping children doesn’t actually cure their AIDS or give them magical powers.

And the vast majority of those niggers never, ever get even arrested let alone tried.

But hate speech always ends up in court somehow.

Remember – in a country run by Jews, saying anything the Jews don’t like is literally treated worse by the state than gang-raping babies.

A video clip went viral following the incident in 2016 when the police officer tried to help Momberg after thieves broke into her car at night at a shopping centre.

It showed her saying she wanted to be helped by a white or ethnic Indian officer, and that black people were “plain and simple useless” and “they are clueless”.

This is the video they’re talking about:

In her rant, she several times called the policeman a “kaffir”, apartheid-era slang for a black person and one of the worst terms of hate speech in South Africa.

A word literally worse than gang-raping babies, I’d like to remind you.

Momberg wiped away tears as judge Pravina Rugoonandan read the ruling in a Johannesburg court on Wednesday, finding her guilty on four counts. Momberg’s lawyer, Kevin Lawlor, said she would seek the right to appeal against her sentence.

This is every single country in Europe and North America by the end of this century.

And yes, that Eastern Europe – it’s heading in the same direction.

The episode highlighted how 24 years after Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president, espousing reconciliation, the country is still struggling with race relations.

“Struggling with race relations” LOL

Listen up you dumb faggots – the “race relations” in South Africa are basically like this: the monkeys are killing the people who are feeding them, and then whining when they say anything about it.

And they’ll whine even harder when they’ll be starving to death after killing the people who are feeding them.

That’s all there is to it.

The justice minister, Michael Masutha, said the custodial sentence could serve as a deterrent to others. “It was a question of escalating and intensifying the fight against racism by finding even more sterner measures,” he told eNCA television.

Good for you, you dumb kaffir!

That’s exactly what you should be worrying about!

Cape Town has approximately 1/12 the population of Poland, but between 6 and 9 times more murders on any given year. Raw numbers, not per capita.

Johannesburg-based criminal lawyer Zola Majavu, who was not involved in the case, said: “This case has been put on the spotlight, it may be the first time – at least that I’m aware of – that a person has been sentenced to jail without the option of a fine for such action.”

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened now, when they’re planning to starve themselves by stealing Whitey’s farms.

I think the entire situation in South Africa is gonna get very, very bad in the next couple of years – even compared to what it is today.

I’m hoping it’ll be a lesson for the rest of the (White) world… But it probably won’t be.