South Africa: White Victim Dies After Three Blacks Invade His Farm and Shoot Him with a Shotgun

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and you can’t make a Rainbow Nation without accepting some rain.

Sacrifices need to be made on the path to multicultural harmony, goyim.

It’s just pure cohencidence that white people are always the ones being sacrificed.

South Africa Today:

Drift Reaction cc received the shocking news that the resident of Sunrella who was shot in his stomach and hand last week, just after 21:00 on 27 March 2019, in Central Road, passed away this morning, 2 April 2019, after a brave battle. His life partner was also grazed by a bullet during the house robbery.

Original article:

Just after 21:00 on 27 March 2019, in Central Road, Sunrella, a tenant who had moved into the cottage during the past weekend heard a knock on his front door. He opened the door and was attacked by three extremely aggressive and brazen gun wielding suspects wearing balaclavas, one armed with a shotgun.

He tried to fight them and was shot in the stomach and leg with the shotgun. A female inside the house (relation unknown) was grazed on the leg by a bullet. Other residents on the property who heard the shots went out to assist the victims.

The suspects fled empty handed.

Although they only saw three, five suspects were seen fleeing and jumping over a back wall. The shotgun has figured on many shooting incidents.