South Africa: Two Nogs Assault White Farmer, Rape His Wife Twice Over Six-Hour Period

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2019

“The attackers wanted their month end salaries.”


This is why you don’t want orcs working for you, even if you’re living in Mordor.

South Africa Today:

A horrific farm attack took place on 29 November 2019, in Ventersburg, Free State Province. Two male suspects attacked and assaulted a male victim after which they raped his wife twice. The violent ordeal lasted about five to six hours.

The attack started at 20:00 and continued through to about 02:00. The attackers wanted their month end salaries. The couple could only get help at 06:00 that morning from a neighbor. The police are investigating the attack. There is no other information available at this stage.