South Africa: Two Negroes Await Trial for the Brutal Murder of White Farmer

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

Felix Mlambo, left, and Ciphus Shilenge.

Since nothing was stolen from the farm, I assume these blacks just killed this man for teh lolz.

And hey, this is what the South African government wants, right?

I anticipate light sentences all round.

South Africa Today:

Six awaiting trial prisoners who escaped from lawful custody in the early hours of Thursday, 20 December 2018, at Hartbeespoort Dam Police cells. According to Maroela media the two, Felix Mlambo (26), Ciphus Shilenge (26) were awaiting trial for the brutal farm attack and murder of Dries Botha (58).

The 58 year-old Mr. Dries (Bloubul) Botha was shot at his farm near Brits and died almost a week later in a Johannesburg hospital from injuries sustained during the attack. During the incident, Mr. Botha’s wife managed to lock herself in the bathroom and call for help. She could hear her husband shouting that he had been shot. He was injured in the shoulder, right arm, and upper body, and his intestines, especially his pancreas, were severely damaged.

The suspects shot him without stealing anything, and seven suspects were arrested. Members of the community are further urged not to approach or apprehend or confront the escapees as they are considered to be dangerous.

Dries Botha and wife.