South Africa: Third Farm Attack in Soutpansberg Region in Three Weeks

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2019

Ferdi Jacobs.

Let’s just hope that, with a surname like Jacobs, this victim is actually Jewish.

Jews in South Africa are long overdue for some enrichment after their pivotal role in the abolition of apartheid and the continued demonization of the Afrikaners.

South Africa Today:

Attacks on farms in the Soutpansberg now appear to be a weekly event, the 35 year old Ferdi Jacobs became the latest victim on Wednesday morning 5 June 2019. This was the third attack on a farm in three weeks in the region.

Jacobs acts as a farm manager for a company on a farm along the Witvlag road was attacked shortly before 11:00 by two men in his farmhouse.

“I was on my way to do some work but decided to get something to eat at home. I walked through the house and had barely sat in the kitchen for five seconds when I heard there were footsteps in the house” Jacobs said shortly after the attack.

After a while Jacobs decided to investigate, it was just where one of his attackers was waiting for him behind the door. The suspect grabbed him and pulled him closer. “He immediately started hitting,” Jacobs said, adding that he was still not sure which weapons they had with them. What is certain is that one attacker definitely had a knife with him. Jacobs sustained several cuts and some deep stab wounds on his arms and legs.

“I got fighting and hurt the one. The other one caught me off guard.” He hit Jacobs from behind with something over the head. “The next moment it was like a shocking feeling. I didn’t even see the other guy coming from behind.”

Fortunately for Jacobs, his attackers decided at that stage to flee. Although some of his laborers were near the house, none of them saw the attackers.

“I found myself on the floor and was very dizzy. I don’t even know how I got into the room where my cellphone was. There I could start calling for help.” It was one of the farm workers that was close to the house that heard his cries for help and came to his assistance.