South Africa: Ramaphosa Says He Wants to “Tie White People to Trees” to Stop Them Leaving

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

It’s time that someone came out and said it.

White people are in an abusive relationship with the black race.

We’re trying to break up amicably and move on with our lives, but the crazy bitch just won’t let us go and keeps making up shit to try and emotionally blackmail us, coerce us into staying just a while longer while she keeps sucking our blood and our will out of our bodies.

Business Tech:

President Cyril Ramaphosa says that there is place in South Africa for all people who live in it.

Ramaphosa called for young white South Africans not to leave the country in a pre-election campaign drive in Stellenbosch on Tuesday (9 April).

“I don’t want white, young South Africans to leave the country. And if I could, I will tie them down to a tree and say don’t leave, I want you here in this country. So, I want all the skills.”

He said that the fears that many white South Africans have of not being wanted, “is entirely not true”. “There is a place, there is room for all of us,” the president said. 


This is what the moderates in South Africa sound like.

“We want to physically detain you so that we can use your labor for our own ends. We love you.”

Access to White people is considered a human right now. If you are a White person, a random brown person feels entitled to hang out with you, share in the fruits of your labor and insert him/herself into your history, your culture and your neighborhood.

Although I haven’t tested this theory, I bet it would be considered a Hate Crime in the UK if you verbally or just artistically conceptualized an afterlife where there wouldn’t be any black people around to fuck it all up.

All of this is not considered creepy and weird and entitled and parasitic, no. It’s considered charming, actually. 

Now, you wouldn’t allow your little sister to annoy you like this. You wouldn’t let your parents hover around you like this. Hell, there is no one but a manipulative woman that you would tolerate annoying you like this. Or maybe like a needy lost stray dog that is afraid of the lightning and that pees on the sofa when the doorbell rings, but it’s OK because their former owner abused them and you’re trying to look past that and show them that you love them anyway.

What it all really boils down to is the fact that I’m just not very fond of Black people.

But I’m also all out of pity for South African Whites.

First of all, the ones that live in the cities behind barbed wire and automated laser-guided Gatling gun turrets are all irredeemable shitlibs that parrot the “Rainbow Nation” mantra as they try to figure out a way to emigrate on the sly.

And the farmers that keep getting murdered are part of the problem as well. Many of them have been violently expelled from their land multiple times by the farm equipment, which promptly realizes its mistake once the hunger sets in and begs the masters to return again.

Incredibly, they do in fact return. Again and again, they refuse to learn their lesson.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and thrice and four times and hurr durr, I must be a retarded White farmer in Africa.

And if you want to go back a couple of decades, who was lobbying the government to import legions of cheap work hands?

Yeah, the farmers. They do the same thing in America. They hire illegal seasonal workers to shit on their lettuce to give it that je ne sais quoi taste that we Americans have come to expect in our burgers.

The White Boer that Lauren Southern interviewed for her film, Farmlands, are poor and out in the sticks.

They’re the only ones worth feeling bad about… even though they come off as race-blind in the film as well.

Everyone asks: “why don’t the Whites rise up in South Africa?” 

Well, because you have the same situation that you have everywhere in the White world. The better-educated and higher IQ Whites live in the cities and make good money as the race-blind, managerial class that mouthes off about Kumbaya just until they save up enough money to get the hell out.

The poorer Whites out in the sticks are addicted to drugs and have to live with the diversity, so they come up with coping mechanisms and just get slowly assimilated and end up just disappearing over time. Meanwhile, the big land-owning farmers just want to keep making money and hope that the government will take security more seriously, but other than that, they’re fine with the status quo.

This is to say that Whites need leadership. They also need firm ideological conviction. And they need to get over their internecine class divide.

Until these problems are solved, the slow-motion genocide will continue unabated.

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