South Africa: Major Recession Hits After Coloreds Threaten to Steal White People’s Lands

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

A Black man in his natural state, freed from the White man’s oppression.

So it turns out that threatening to steal from and kill the only productive group of people in your country can have negative consequences on the economy.

Who could have thought?


South Africa slid into an official recession Tuesday, as second-quarter growth domestic product (GDP) figures showed a contraction of 0.7% — the second straight quarter of decline. First-quarter figures were revised down, from -2.2% to -2.6%.

How do you lose 2.6% from being a apocalyptic wasteland?

I’m not exaggerating.

Basically, South Africa is a Fallout-type scenario. It used to be that the Brotherhood of steel (White people) were in charge of the area, but then the raiders and feral ghouls (Blacks) took over.

Whites still have a few enclaves and settlements here and there, and the GDP drop represents these little enclaves of civilization being eroded under the weight of continuous raids by subhuman barbarians.

No ghoul ever put my child in the oven.

The main culprit, according to South Africa’s Business Day, was a sharp contraction in the agricultural sector, which has been under political assault this year as the ruling African National Congress has pledged “expropriation without compensation.”

The Business Day described the “shocking drop in agriculture,” which single-handedly tipped the economy into recession:

Most analysts had expected a moderate increase in GDP.

But the most shocking number in the statistics is the precipitous 29.2% decline in agricultural production over the second quarter.

Statistics SA said: “The decrease was mainly because of a drop in the production of field crops and horticultural products”.

The agriculture “detracted a significant 0.8% from the headline outcome”, Investec said.


Every White farmer who’s not retarded did the same thing when they heard about this “gibs land, Whitey” bill.

They stopped all agricultural production and instead started selling all their stuff. Who’d buy seeds and start sowing when it’s all just going to be stolen?

When the ghouls are coming, you sell your crops and tractors and you start buying bullets instead. Or at least, plane tickets.

The recession is not quite “shocking” to opponents of the South African government’s land reform policy, which is ostensibly aimed at redressing racial inequalities in land ownership, but which critics have called a threat to property rights in general.

Though the policy only began in earnest last month, following a televised address by Cyril Ramaphosa, the newly-installed president had already declared that the government would pursue “expropriation without compensation” in February, during his “State of the Nation” address.

When a South African farmer hears “expropriation without compensation,” this is what they start visualizing.

“Expropriation” is a code-word for ghoul raid.

The wheels are in motion now, and the last vestiges of the South African economy are going to be entering the final phases of disintegration.

Just like what happened with Zimbabwe.

It’s only a matter of time, now. Whites know that even if their land isn’t immediately stolen, it will be at some point. There is no more incentive to continue working and contributing to South Africa, and they’ll all pack up and leave with their liquid assets as soon as they’re able.

The Blacks are going to starve and start eating each other without the White man feeding them.