South Africa: Kaffir in Court for Torturous Attack on Elderly White Farmer

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2019


Well… at least the victim wasn’t raped.

Though that seems to be just about the only thing they didn’t do to him.

South Africa Today:

A suspect arrested by police for an attack on an elderly Paulpietersburg resident will make his second court appearance on 3 October 2019. This is after he appeared at the Paulpietersburg Magistrate’s Court on 30 September 2019. He was arrested on 28 September 2019 for the attack on the elderly resident which was reported in March this year.

On 27 March 2019, the victim (80) who lived on a farm in Paulpietersburg was attacked by three suspects. He was tied up and severely assaulted with a bush knife. He endured being savagely beaten, cut, strangled and having his left eye ruthlessly gouged by one of the attackers who tortuously stuck his finger in the victim’s eye, before being tied up with belts and having his mouth covered with tape.

The suspects stole an undisclosed amount of cash, two cellphones and the victim’s vehicle which they used as their getaway vehicle. The vehicle was later found burnt about 5km away from his farm.

A case of robbery was opened at the Paulpietersburg police station and was assigned to the Provincial Organised Crime Unit for further investigation. The unit traced and arrested the suspect at Piet Retief.

The case is still under investigation and detectives are hot on the heels of the remaining two suspects.