South Africa Having More and More Trouble Keeping the Lights On

I don’t think this will help a lot

It turns out, black communism results in even more negative results than white communism.

Although to be fair to communists, black capitalism hasn’t really worked out all that well either.

The thing blacks are really good at is this: running from lions and escaping by climbing up trees.


South Africa is enduring “load-shedding” for the third consecutive week, as Eskom, the public electricity company, has had to acknowledge major problems with maintenance and power generation capacity as the country enters the summer months.

Worse still, the company announced that “Stage 2” load-shedding would have to be “Stage 4” load-shedding instead, bringing major disruptions to companies and households still struggling to bring the economy back from the brink in the pandemic.

Twenty years ago, South African enjoyed the cheapest energy in the world, amid talk of privatizing Eskom. But the left — the intellectuals, the trade unions, and the South African Communist Party — opposed privatization on principle. Moreover, the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), found Eskom a convenient target for its practice of “cadre deployment,” under which political operatives could be placed in key positions and cronies could be rewarded with well-remunerated jobs.

The CEO is probably the only white guy in the company, and given who named him he’s unlikely to be the best guy for the job

Meanwhile, aggressive policies of affirmative action, aimed at the “transformation” of South Africa, resulted in an exodus of skilled and experienced engineers, leaving Eskom and South African industry generally short of necessary human capital.

South Africa has been a brutal experiment in black rule.

Some might say the experiment was a failure.

However, if you’re the Jews who threw the communist revolution that put blacks in power, this is a big win.

Ironically, it’s not a win for the blacks themselves, who had a much better situation when white people were in charge.