South Africa: Gang of Kaffirs Attack Kirkwood Farm, White Father Murdered

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2019

This is a photo of Kirkwood, the area in which the farm attack occurred.

No serious person can look at that place and claim it was built by black people for black people.

It is white to the core, just like the rest of South Africa.

Yet decades of Jewish propaganda has convinced the average Westerner that the entire country belongs to blacks, and that those blacks are justified in hunting down the remaining white population for…  oppressing them with medicine and clean water, I guess.

I hate Jews.

I also hate blacks, but not as much as Jews.

Sowetan Live:

A 51-year-old father has died in hospital after being stabbed while trying to overpower housebreakers with his son on a farm at Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape.

Three suspects involved in the attack on Sunday evening at the farm in Dunbrody are being sought by the police.

“The family was at home when an unknown male entered the house. The 51-year-old father and his son allegedly managed to overpower the suspect,” said police spokesperson captain Gerda Swart.

“Suddenly two more suspects entered the house, of which one started stabbing the 51-year-old father in his back. The father and son released the suspect and the threesome ran away from the scene.”

The father was taken to a local hospital for treatment but succumbed to his injuries.

A case of murder and house robbery is under investigation.