South Africa: Four Negro Burglars Attack 88-Year-Old White Farmer with Crowbar

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2019

They also attacked his Alsatian with the crowbar.

And people wonder why doggos always seem to hate blacks…


A Stellenbosch pensioner attacked with a crowbar and tied up during a house robbery managed to untie himself and seek help in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The family of 88-year-old Johan Du Bois, of Du Bois Boerdery, were relieved that he survived the ordeal which saw his trusty Alsatian put up a brave fight to defend his owner when four robbers hit his farm house at Geluksoord on Wednesday night.

Du Bois, who has lived alone for a number of years after his wife’s death, came across his attackers when he opened his kitchen door at about 08:45 to see why his dog Rommel was barking inside the house. When he went to check on his older dog Nina outside, his assailants forced their way in, his grandson Jacques told News24.

“They beat him up. When he tried to shield himself with his left hand, they hit him with a crowbar over the wrist,” Jacques said.

He was dragged to the lounge, before being forced down the hall to a room where he was tied up.

As the attack unfolded, Rommel put up a brave fight, Jacques said. The dog was beaten with the crowbar, before being locked in a different room.

Du Bois managed to untie himself when he thought the robbers had left. But they were ransacking the house and dragged him to a different room, where they used cable and neckties to restrain him. He was also forced to open his vault.

“They plundered the house. The contents of every drawer and cupboard was thrown out,” Jacques said.