South Africa: Four Kaffirs Attack and Rob White Paramedic, He Returns to Orania for Treatment

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

Nico Stapelberg.

As a paramedic based in Pretoria, this man has probably saved the lives of thousands of negroes.

And this is how those ungrateful savages repay him.

South Africa Today:

Nico Stapelberg (38), a paramedic, was on his way home to Pretoria from Orania when he stopped at a shop. Four black men attacked and robbed him. One of the attackers then began stabbing Stapelberg with a sharp thin rod. After the attackers fled with his wallet, he managed to get back to his vehicle and attended to his wounds and put on his own drip, then phoned a nurse at Orania before managing to drive himself there for help.

He was then admitted to Kimberly hospital 3 hours later. This is the second time the paramedic has been attacked and injured.

Ever thought of permanently relocating to Orania, Nico? I hear it’s a lot nicer and safer than the rest of SA (for reasons that remain a complete mystery).