South Africa: Elderly White Woman and Her Son Hospitalized After Five Kaffirs Attack Their Farm

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2019

Tannie Joekie Nortje.

This was a surprisingly well-organized attack by black standards.

Normally they just go in guns blazing in the middle of the night.

South Africa Today:

The Soutpansberg community has been left in shock after another cruel farm attack in which the 80 year old Tannie Joekie Nortje and her 62 year old son Johan (Kiewiet) were seriously injured. The attack took place on Monday 27 May 2019, around 10:30 on the family’s farm Nooitgedacht near the old Kommando shooting range, a short distance from the Tshikota township.

Tannie Joekie’s other son Dippies told Zoutpansberger that five men arrived on the farm and pretended that they want to buy pigs. When Johan and a farm worker walked to the pigs, they were overpowered and tied up. In the house the attackers demanded money from Tannie Joekie. She could not give them anything and they ransacked the whole house.

Tannie Joekie and Johan were both seriously assaulted before they fled, with only Tannie Joekie’s handbag, a little cash and an air gun.

Johan was transferred to the Medi Clinic in Polokwane with bleeding on the brain. Tannie Joekie sustained serious cut and hack wounds from a panga. She was transferred to the Medi Clinic in Tzaneen. Tannie Joekie’s hands are in a bad state with an artery, muscles and sinews chopped off.

There have been no arrests yet.