South Africa: Doctor Banned from Practicing Medicine for Saying “A Fetus is a Human”

Daily Stormer
September 3, 2019

The thing some of you don’t understand is that this is CURRENT YEAR, and in CURRENT YEAR there are only 3 gods you’re allowed to worship: Mammon, Moloch and Greta Thunberg.

And all 3 of those kosher-certified gods have decided that killing babies so that worthless whores can keep riding the cock carousel is our fundamental principles and values.

It’s who we are!


A South African doctor is facing charges of unprofessional conduct after telling a woman scientific facts about unborn children.

According to Sowetan Live, Jacques de Vos allegedly told a patient that “a foetus is a human” and claimed that abortion kills a human. After de Vos stated these scientific facts, his employment was terminated and he was prohibited from practising medicine.

De Vos is now facing four charges of unprofessional conduct from the Health Professions Council of South Africa at an inquiry which has commenced this week. According to the report, de Vos allegedly “infringed” the patient’s “autonomy with his anti-abortion utterances.”

Sounds more like he was, you know, informing her about the actual procedure.

Since that’s what actually happens when you have an abortion – you literally kill a human being.

Unless this was a nigglet, in which case you’d kill 3/5 of a human.

SPUC Education and Research Director, Dr Anthony McCarthy described the charges as “based on ideology, not scientific fact.”

Dr McCarthy said: “From a scientific point of view, the question of when a new human life begins is relatively uncontroversial. Human life begins at fertilisation as a single cell. Conception marks a change from cells produced by the father and mother, to a cell with a complete human genome that constitutes a new human being.”

He continued: “The unborn life in the womb is undoubtedly human, and the evidence for this is overwhelming. As the parents are human — belonging to the species Homo sapiens — and the embryo is oriented to growing up just like them, the new living being is also human. That new life is obviously both very young and very small, but is no less human than we are now.

“From a scientific and medical standpoint, the facts stated by Jacques de Vos are undoubtedly true.”

“Truth is no defense” is already an established thing in CURRENT YEAR, so saying this guy was right is a ridiculous argument.

The only reasonable argument to all this is GAS THE KIKES!

Abortion is so normal and natural that people who support it can’t look at one