South Africa: Court Rules that “Fuck White People” Display is Not Hate Speech

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017

WTF is this thing named Dean Hutton? Is Jabba the Hut its father?

Some disgusting fat blob in South Africa named Dean Hutton has put together a display containing only the words “Fuck White People.”

A court has ruled that the display is not hate speech.

News 24:

The controversial Fuck White People artwork displayed in the South African National Gallery was not in contravention of South Africa’s hate speech laws, the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday.

The court compared the work by genderqueer artist Dean Hutton to the messages of struggle expressed by ANC liberation stalwarts like Albert Luthuli and Nelson Mandela, the Cape Party said in a statement.

It found that the words “white” and “people” were not directed at all white people, but rather at a general system of oppression inherent in “white domination”, and had ruled that the display could, therefore, not be seen as discrimination against all white people.

Cape Party leader Jack Miller, who brought the case against Hutton, said the ruling brought into question the protection of minority rights in the country.

The Cape Party is demanding “independence” for the Western Cape.

“This court case… was about ensuring that the laws of the country are balanced and applied equally to everyone, that it protected minority rights, and ensured common respect and decency between our many different cultures and races,” Miller said.

“In 1994, the South African government under Nelson Mandela promoted a vision of a ‘Rainbow Nation’. Today, Fuck White People is art. Where is this country going?”

Hutton said she was grateful for the “very thoughtful” judgment.

Here we have another example showing how all this hate speech nonsense is a hoax. It is only used to attack Whites. When Whites are the target of said hate speech, some weird explanation is devised telling us why it isn’t actually hate speech.

Guaranteed that if that display said “Fuck Black People” or “Fuck Niggers” it would be classified as vile hate speech.

What is more amazing is how this garbage is actually on display in a major South African art gallery. This is not art – it is degenerate trash of the highest order. It took no artistic talent to create this.

Even Blacks laugh at how gross this fat thing is and they like dem fat bitches!

This fat thing who created this is obviously a mentally disturbed individual. It’s bad enough that it made that “Fuck White People” degeneracy but it has also been spotted wandering around South Africa naked. Not even the Blacks want to see that!

Where are the concentration camps? We need them bad!