South Africa: Blacks Overpower and Assault Three White Women on Farm

Fortunately for these women, blacks are too stupid to use firearms properly.

South Africa Today:

A violent farm attack took place on 30 April 2020, in the Kleinfontein area of Brits, in the North West province of South Africa. As Anne Oberholzer (68) went out to greet a woman and her daughter at their car an attacker appeared and pointed a firearm at her and pulled the trigger. The gun did not go off.

The three women fled into the house being pursued by the attacker and two accomplices that had joined him. The visitor and daughter were overpowered and assaulted by the three attackers before they could reach the safety of a room that has a security gate.

Oberholzer desperately called a community protection group for help who responded, then the first attacker again pointed his firearm through the security gate and again pulled the trigger before they could arrive. Again the shot did not go off.

The robbers fled with a handbag and two cellphones before backup arrived.