South Africa: Authorities Concerned That Blacks are Dumb as Hell and Can’t Learn Math

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2020

Turns out this doesn’t work so well when all the students are Black.

The problem with replacing your entire population with Blacks is that Blacks are really stupid and can’t do anything right, outside of the entertainment industry.

This isn’t a theory – it’s a fact. It’s been tested.

South Africa decided to do a little scientific experiment some day and just gave over their entire country to Black terrorists, who then just allowed unlimited Blacks from other African countries to become citizens.

The point of the experiment was presumably to see if a successful White country can remain functional when all the Whites are replaced with brown people.

The experiment was a failure.


The Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, Umalusi, said it remains concerned about the country’s mathematics marks.

In a presentation on 3 January, chairperson John Volmink said the body is “pleased” with the improvement in learner performance in matric subjects such as geography, physical science, and mathematical literacy.

However, he said Umalusi has observed a “worrying trend in mathematics”.

“The subject does not seem to be progressing in tandem with cognate subjects in terms of learner performances,” he said.

“For example, performance in physical science seems to be improving year by year, but performance in mathematics is not showing any signs of improvement.”

“It is not any worse but it is not any better – it’s just at the same place.”

Furthermore, Volmink said there are concerns about the number of candidates sitting to write the mathematics exam compared to the increasing number of pupils who are opting to write mathematical literacy.

He said the government may need to think about how it can stem this trend, and that there is a “fundamental problem” with how maths is being taught in South Africa.

The fundamental problem isn’t with how math is taught – the problem is with who math is taught to.

There’s no method that’ll make this work.

The reason why they can still claim that other subjects are “acceptable” while math is problematic, is because it’s very easy to simply fake results in most school subjects. Math is probably the only subject in which teachers and administrators can’t easily fudge test results and slack standards.

“Things such as problem-solving skills must be developed and the confidence to deal with not only routine problems but non-routine problems must be nurtured.”

While the official subject pass rates will only be published on 7 January, the government recently published a review of South Africa’s first 25 years of democracy – showing how matric pass rates have changed.

Learner performance in the grade 12 National Senior Certificate has been on an upward trajectory, rising from 58% in 1994 to 78.2% in 2018.

South Africa was definitely in much better shape in 1994 than it was in 2018. White people were still in charge of many things back then as well.

So you can be absolutely certain that the rise in performance rates from then is due exclusively to the school system falling squarely in the hands of Blacks, and standards being “adjusted” so that Black youths can actually make the cut.

But even with all this hoaxing, some of the metrics can’t be faked.

Despite these improvements, the review notes that there are issues with the “quality of academic outcomes”.

Only 172,043 (33.6%) grade 12 students passed at bachelor level in 2018, against the 255,000 Medium Term Strategic Framework target for 2018, it said.

“Though up from 18% in 1994, only 21.7% and 29.9% of learners passed mathematics and science at 50% and above respectively in 2018. The number of learners writing physical science and mathematics has been declining from 192,618 and 265,810 in 2016 to 172,319 and 233 858 in 2018, respectively.”

These numbers are a complete joke if compared with any Western or Asian country. Nearly 80% of these South African students can’t even get 50% of the answers right on their math tests!


Just for the record:

Wow, turns out that South Africa is 80% Black, huh? What a coincidence!

It’s safe to say that basically the totality of the Black population of South Africa is incapable of learning high school math.

Which actually isn’t surprising at all, since the same could be said for the Black population of America.

It’s just some food for thought when pondering the pros and cons of the “infinigger” plan our elites have in store for Western countries.

Good plan for stand up comedy and instrumental funk music, bad for engineering, math or civilization.