South Africa: 3 Old White People Tortured to Death, Police Don’t Even Investigate Until Relatives Contact Media

There is not one single thing in South Africa that hasn’t gotten vastly worse after the whites lost control of the country.

Free West Media:

The South African Police Service, of which many officers are former Marxist-ANC terrorists trained in the former Soviet Union and East Germany to attack civilians, refused on Sunday to investigate the kidnapping and murder of Dan and Breggie Brand, as well as their daughter Elzabie, in the country’s remote Norther Cape province. The couple’s son phoned the police in vain who refused to send anyone out. Only when volunteer groups complained to a high-ranking officer and exerted pressure through the media, did the police service finally send officers to the crime scene.

The bodies of Dan (83), Breggie (79) and Elzabie (50) were found yesterday after an extensive search by volunteer groups. A police spokesman, Brigadier Vish Naidoo, has confirmed the find outside Takaneng Village.

Only 48 hours after the attack did the police send a forensic team to the crime scene, again after several phone calls from the family and volunteer groups. Ostensibly, the elderly couple and their 50-year old daughter were attacked when they were sitting down for Sunday lunch as their food was left untouched on the table.

The three victims were driven away in their own vehicles, a red Nissan Micra and a Grey Mazda CX5.

“The 83-year-old father, the 79-year-old mother and their 50-year-old daughter were attacked. All three people in the home could not be found and two of the family’s cars were missing,” Brigadier Naidoo said.

The victims of the multicultural paradise free of hate

According to the police spokesman, “With the search continuing in the Northern Cape, the second vehicle, a Grey Mazda CX5, was spotted in the area of Pudimoe being driven by a woman with two male passengers.

The vehicle was stopped and the three suspects were subsequently arrested, Naidoo said.

A source from the police who did not want to be named explained that the couple and their daughter were brutally murdered, the latest victims in South Africa’s notorious spate of farm attacks.

“From the statements we have taken, it is clear the mother and father and the daughter were all three kidnapped and later brutally murdered,” he said.

“You can only image the terror these poor people went through in their last hours and there was no need to kill them. They could have just robbed them if that was what the motive was.”

We can easily assume the source from the police who didn’t want to be named was a white/racist, because if he weren’t he’d understand that it’s only normal for blacks to want to torture old white people to death.

After all, if you had to endure millions of years of cotton-picking, having your pyramids stolen and your entire continent literally shrunken by 2/3, then you’d be very pissed off too, and for good reason.

Worried relatives who had been unable to contact Dan and Breggie on Sunday, drove to their house near Vaalharts, Northern Cape province, on Monday and found blood stains in the house.

A spokesman for volunteer group Afriforum, Marius Muller stated: “The fears of relatives that all three had come to harm was reported to the local police station on Sunday but it appears that absolutely nothing was done about it.

“It was only when those worried relatives travelled down on Monday themselves that they found effectively a crime scene with the house ransacked and the blood stains inside.

“Who knows if the police acted immediately on Sunday then lives could have been saved? Those who run this country have to wake up to what is happening and protect farmers.”

Keep in mind that this is coming very soon in your country.

It’s only a matter of time.

And when that happens, there’ll still always be some desert rat somewhere to tell you how evil you are.