Sorry, Jack – The US Accomplished Precisely Zero in Afghanistan

Jack Carr was a Marine sniper who became a best-selling novelist writing paperback tripe.

Here’s an ad for his latest book, featuring a woman’s ass.

You’d probably get more edification watching the latest Fast & Furious film.

His tweet on the end of the war is being shilled by Twitter.

He said now is the time to think about “what we accomplished.”

There isn’t much to think about on that front. There is no possible way to frame the war as having accomplished anything, unless your goals were to:

  • Waste trillions of dollars
  • Sacrifice the lives of thousands of Americans (and the limbs of many thousands more)
  • Slaughter a bunch of random cave people
  • Create a refugee crisis
  • Humiliate America, globally
  • Empower, fund and arm the stated enemy

You can obviously come up with more negative outcomes.

But no positives.

There is nothing you can even spin as a positive.

Even if you believe the nonsense about Al-Qaeda and the death of Bin Laden – he was supposedly killed in Pakistan. He was killed by a small team, according to them, ten years after the invasion of Afghanistan. That had nothing at all to do with the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

Nothing at all was accomplished by this war.

What’s more, even with the attacks on Joe Biden – claiming that he is personally responsible for everything that went wrong with this endless nation-building project – they are not using the word “surrender.”

If you search it, you find that Newt Gingrich used the word, and there is a Wall Street Journal op-ed from the editorial board that used the word.

The normal media is not using this very obvious term for what happened.

It’s clear that “US surrenders in Afghanistan” should have been the headline, but apparently they decided that this would have too big of an impact on people psychologically, so they use this term “pullout” and this term “withdrawal.”

The surrender in Vietnam caused massive trauma to the collective psyche of the United States. But at the time that we lost that war, we had a relatively strong national identity and consciousness. We do not have that anymore.

No one has any idea what “American identity” is. It has something to do with gay sex, trannies, women’s sexual rights, George Floyd, and vaccines, maybe, but no one really has a clear composite image of this idea.

I wrote about that the other day.

The fallout of this is going to be significant, and it will take a while for it to register.