Sorry, Cops, But You Don’t Have to be a Criminal Negroid to Feel Unsafe Around Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

A Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona asked six uniformed police officers to leave the store because people felt unsafe.

The cuckservative media is clutching their pearls about this. But in actual reality, it isn’t just nigger criminals and drug addicts that feel unsafe around the cops.

It’s everyone. Everyone except Antifa, who know they have the support of the police and will never have a confrontation with them.

The cops are a criminal gang, and they only exist to hurt people. As far as anyone can tell. No one wants to be around these people, especially when they’re just trying to relax.

The cops are whining about it.

And whining and whining.

Sorry, blue boys.

No one believes this bullshit anymore.

We’ve seen the way you behave, and it is abhorrent.

No one wants to be around you.

The stupid cuckservatives just haven’t felt your wrath yet.

But soon enough, they will.

Basically, these cucks who love their badge niggers think that if they suck up to the power structure, they will be spared when ZOG decides to release the badge niggers on them.

But no amount of e-blowjobs to the cops is going to cause them to spare you when the order comes down to shut down anyone who supports anything other than the total and complete niggerization of America.

No one with two brain cells to rub together believes that these cops are anything other than violent thugs who will do absolutely whatever the Jews tell them to do.

It is one of the truly bi-partisan issues in this country.