Sorry, Chuck, But Jews Aren’t Cucks – They’re Bulls

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2015

Chuck: Still banned from Twitter.

Chuck Johnson has an article up on Takimag calling out the cuckservatives (everyone has an article about that now – Daily Stormer has the most, however). It’s a good enough article, but he makes a mistake in labelling several Jews as cucks.

the cuckservative meme has several different connotations, one of which is a metaphor for the cuckold sex fetish, which involves a man allowing another man to screw his wife. In porno catering to this sex fetish (as well as on websites which help people hook-up and engage in this fetish in real life), the cuckold, who is the husband, and his wife are both typically White, while the man screwing the wife is typically Black, and referred to as the “bull.”

Along with porno, cuckold fetishism is featured in children's sitcoms.
Along with porno, cuckold fetishism is featured in children’s sitcoms.

The analogy here is that the conservative politicians, being the ostensible protectors White America and our value system, are the cuckold. White America is the wife, given away to be screwed by a foreign element for the masochistic pleasure of the GOP. Immigrants, Blacks and of course Jews are the bull.

Regardless of the fact that Jews such as Jonah Goldberg and Norman Podhertz claim to support “conservative” values, the meme refers to racial interests, and by screwing over White America, these Jews are serving their own racial interests in a sly and diabolical fashion. They are not the pathetic, squirming creature that is White cuckservative, abandoning the people he is supposed to protect by handing them over to a hungry foreign element. They are who White politicians like Jeb Bush and Rick Perry and White media figures like Erick Erickson, RS McCain and Matt Lewis hand their own people over to. Jews are the ones doing the screwing.

The cuck metaphor works to describe Jews who identify only if you remove ethnicity to the equation, and ethnicity is the most important part of this equation.

Cuckoldry on a Whole Other Level

The term “cuckold” was originally derived from the cuckoo bird, which would often lay its eggs in nests of other birds in the community, thereby tricking the other bird into feeding and raising its offspring with its own energy and resources. This is directly analogous to the way Whites are being forced to feed and care for Blacks and non-White immigrants with our own resources, but it almost applies more so to Jews, and particularly Jews claiming to be “conservative.”

Like the cuckolded cuckoo who is raising another bird’s offspring without knowing it, we feed and care for Jews in our midst without recognizing them as not belonging to us. While liberal Jews will identify as “White” whenever it suits them to do so, the conservative Jew makes a show of saying “look, I’m one of you, I’m one of you! We have the same interests!” The Jew claiming to be a conservative is living right in the nest of White America.

We Need Another Meme

The purpose of #cuckservative is to call out White servants of the Jew.

We need a meme to compliment the cuckservative meme that defines the Jew as the bull.

I can’t currently think of anything right now, other than “#Hebull,” a portmanteau of “Hebrew” and “bull.” Maybe something simpler such as “#YidBull” is better.

If people start throwing things out there, something will stick.

Here’s some shoddy photoshop inspiration.

Jew cuckold jeb bushAmerican cuckservative

Please make better/funnier photoshops and post them in the comments section. Nothing any more explicit than the above image, please.

Here’s these (.PNG files with transparent background):

jeb bush head Jew head rick perry head

I recommend gimp over photoshop, personally. Much less complex for this type of work.