SORRY ACCIDENT, LOL: ISIS Agents Entering Italy as “Asylum Seekers”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2015

In ur base, enrich ur cultures

One thing that you have to understand before you read this and get angry at the EU government for forcing you to import violent ISIS terrorists into your country:

No one could have ever seen this coming, goyim.

We knew that ISIS was beheading people on the same shores of Libya that the boats were leaving from and we knew that ISIS was saying they were going to send agents in as fake refugees, but we simply could not put those two things together and reach the conclusion that they were going to send agents in as fake refugees.

That just isn’t the way intelligence works, stupid goyim pigs.


Islamic State (IS) fighters are being smuggled into Europe by gangs in the Mediterranean, an adviser to the Libyan government has told the BBC.

Abdul Basit Haroun said smugglers were hiding IS militants on boats filled with migrants.

Officials in Italy and Egypt have previously warned that IS militants could reach Europe by migrant boat.

However, experts have cautioned that it is very difficult to verify or assess such claims.

Mr Haroun based his claim on conversations with smugglers in parts of North Africa controlled by the militants.

He alleged that IS was allowing the boat owners to continue their operations in exchange for half of their income.

Earlier this year, the EU’s border control agency, Frontex, warned that it was “possible” that foreign fighters were using irregular migration routes to get into Europe.

Egypt’s ambassador to the UK has warned of “boats full of terrorists” if the international community does not act, while the Italian government has expressed fears of militants infiltrating the boats, while emphasising that the boats are a humanitarian crisis.

Also, we never could have anticipated this part either, goyim.


But while E.U. officials anguish over the plight of people crossing the Mediterranean to get to Europe, the migration has proved an invaluable business opportunity for groups like ISIS. So valuable that international crime experts believe ISIS might have launched some attacks specifically in order to drive people to flee, and then profit from their flight. “They [ISIS] were looking desperately for new funds,” says Christian Nelleman, director of the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis, or RHIPTO, who co-authored this week’s report with the Geneva-based Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, a consortium of organized-crime experts. “Unlike al-Qaeda, ISIS needs a totally different scale of funds because they run an army and provide social services,” he says.

In fact, the most robust new business is migrant smuggling, with funds going not only to ISIS but also al-Qaeda-linked groups around the Sahara and militias in Libya, which seized the capital Tripoli last August. Smugglers typically charge each migrant between $800 and $1,000 to reach Libya, either from across the Sahara or from the Middle East, and then between $1,500 and $1,900 to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, according to this week’s report.

I know you know we were chosen by God to make these decisions for you on how to run your countries, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect and it doesn’t mean that while we are helping you by enriching your culture with millions of Negroes we won’t accidentally provide billions in funds to terrorist organizations or accidentally ship terrorists into your country with the harmless colorfuls who enrich you.

We’re sorry, goyim. But anyway, we’re not actually sorry because you deserve this for turning us all into lampshades 70 years ago.