Soros and Brexit: Jews Openly Conspire Against You Then Claim It is a Conspiracy Theory They are Conspiring Against You

Diversity Macht Frei
December 7, 2018

Here’s a Guardian story from May this year. In it, Soros openly admits that he is trying to stop Brexit.

A campaign to secure a second Brexit referendum within a year and save the UK from “immense damage” is to be launched in days, the philanthropist and financier George Soros has announced.

The billionaire founder of the Open Society Foundation said the prospect of the UK’s prolonged divorce from Brussels could help persuade the British public by a “convincing margin” that EU membership was in their interests.

In a speech on Tuesday ahead of the launch of the Best for Britain campaign – said to have already attracted millions of pounds in donations – Soros suggested to an audience in Paris that changing the minds of Britons would be in keeping with “revolutionary times”.

This year, Soros moved to defy his critics over his £400,000 donation to Best for Britain by pledging an additional £100,000 to support efforts to fight Brexit. OSF’s total funding for pro-Europe campaigns and organisations is now at more than £800,000.

But now any suggestion that Soros is involved in the attempts to thwart Brexit is greeted with outrage by Jews as if it was a nutty conspiracy theory.

Here’s a story from today’s Jewish Chronicle.

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has sparked anger during a debate the government’s Brexit deal by suggesting George Soros were behind an establishment attempt to force a second referendum on exiting Europe.

Mr Hannan was responding to a question from an audience member when he argued that the “British establishment” had been trying to undermine Brexit since the 2016 referendum.

The Vote Leave campaign founder then used the names of former Labour leader Tony Blair, and Mr Soros, the billionaire who fled the Nazis as a child and went to found the Open Society Foundation.

Comments about his influence in global politics are a common and growing antisemitic trope.

Audience member Richard Phillips told the JC: “I put my hand up and immediately said I knew what the name Soros meant when used in this context.

“Nick Robinson then sought to clarify my remarks to the audience suggesting this was actually about accusations of antisemitism.

“Afterwards two or three people came up to me and told me they agreed with what they said. Although interestingly one individual who I would rather not name turned around and said to me ‘You should not have said that. Daniel Hannan is a great friend of Israel etc.’

“I then said he had no right to say that to me and I argued that everybody knows what the use of the name Soros means. There is no way Daniel Hannan could not have known what he was saying.”

During the exchange, Mr Hannan insisted he was “mortally offended” by any suggestion he was using Mr Soros’ name in a context which could deemed to be antisemitic and insisted he was actually a philosemite.

But on Twitter, another member of the audience who had also attended the debate, which was organised by Intelligence Squared, wrote:” Disappointed but somehow not surprised at the shoe-horned ‘George Soros’ dog-whistle I heard tonight from Hannan.

The irony of this is that Hannan is indeed a pronounced philosemite. He is even reported as having claimed to be Jewish at one point though he has since refused to confirm or deny it.

Jews are now trying to prohibit discussion of things that are openly happening in front of our eyes, claiming they are mad conspiracy theories.

A second Brexit referendum – which its supporters call a People’s Vote – should in reality be called the Soros Vote.

Soros has been marshalling the Stop Brexit effort all the way and the conspiracy is now nearing fruition. Not only are top Establishment figures regularly calling for a second vote, they are actually proposing a second vote in which the only options would be (1) Stay in the EU and (2) Accept Theresa May’s pseudo-deal.

Since almost no one who actually supported Brexit favours Theresa May’s deal, this means the majority of the population would be completely disenfranchised in a second referendum. There would be no real Brexit option. The only choices would be No Brexit or Pseudo-Brexit. And bear in mind that 1 million EU citizens have acquired UK citizenship since the Brexit vote was held. They could not participate in the last referendum but they would be able to vote in another one.

This is a mind-boggling betrayal of democracy. In an American context, it would be as if Supreme Court judges invalidated Trump’s election and ordered a re-rerun of the presidential vote with the two candidates being Hillary and Obama, an extra five million Mexicans having gained US citizenship in the interim.

The good thing about the anti-Brexit conspiracy, though, is that it might encourage a revolutionary temper in the British people, a raging revanchism that could overturn the entire existing order of things. Brits, keep your yellow vests handy.