Sony Issues Special Emergency Refund Program for Cyberpunk Victims!

I’m not gonna lie, I’d hoped Cyberpunk 2077 would be a fun game.

But then I started realizing that the joy I would receive from the most hyped up game in history failing miserably was greater than any joy I could ever get from any video game.

After I spent a few minutes playing the game, it was clear to me that I hated it, but it wasn’t clear that the rest of the world would. Well, it turns out most of the world won’t ever get to form an opinion on the game, because unless you have a top of the line PC, the game doesn’t work.

It is so funny that this has turned into an utter disaster.

The Verge:

Sony is pulling Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store and offering full refunds for anyone who bought the game from the digital storefront, the company said on Thursday. If you want to start the refund process now, Sony says to visit this site and sign into your PlayStation account to submit a request.

However, later on Thursday evening, Sony said it is “aware some users are experiencing issues” accessing the refund form. If you’re seeing issues, you may want to try again later.

Cyberpunk 2077 has already been removed from the PlayStation Store for a few Verge staffers on their PS5s, and the game doesn’t come up in a search for “Cyberpunk 2077” on the web version of the store. Following older, online listing links to the game will show its store page, but with the option to wish list it only.

Sony’s move comes just days after Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red said people unsatisfied with their purchase on the PS4 or Xbox One should request a refund. Yet due to Sony’s stringent refund policy, many who bought digital versions of the game from the PlayStation Store were unable to get refunds. (Players who bought the Xbox One version of the game have reported better luck with Microsoft’s more generous refund policy.)

I wrote a full review of the game, after playing it for 5 hours on my very nice PC (bought for me by Daily Stormer readers earlier this year). I experienced some bugs, including texture popping, NPCs talking without lip movement, NPCs randomly t-posing, and so on. But I didn’t really figure they were any worse than any big launch day of a game that didn’t go through early access. It also turned out that the gameplay was completely broken, but I didn’t really understand that when I was playing it (I just thought I sucked at FPS).

But yeah, on console, it is apparently completely unplayable. I guess building a game like this for PC and then trying to port it to console and releasing it on the same day is a sloppy idea.

Presumably, they are going to try to fix it, but it seems to me that if they thought they were able to fix it, they would have just delayed it again. Probably, it is just impossible to make the game run on anything other than top of the line PC hardware, and they probably just said “okay well, we don’t have any choice, let’s just release it and hope for the best.”

The best – whatever that would have looked like – definitely has not happened. Reportedly, Cyberpunk will lose one billion dollars.

Best of all, this entire debacle is due to the replacement of the all white, all male original CDPR team with a mixed sex, mixed race crud posse, which included many anal enthusiasts. These analists were hired not because they were good at video game development, but because they enjoy ramming their penises into other men’s anuses, as well as into the anuses of young boys. (They use the anal passage and feces to masturbate their penises, and then ejaculate into the other man’s bowels.)

CDPR was getting hit with all kinds of accusations of homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. They are Polish. And they just didn’t know what to do. They freaked out, and they succumbed to the whims of the harassers. And we are now all seeing the results of that incredible cowardice.

Cyberpunk is the final video game. Never again will a game of this size ever get this much hype, never again will a game be ten years in development. The video game industry couldn’t rid itself of the politically correct virus, which demands that they replace their staff with women and homos, so this virus killed video games.

I am here of course talking explicitly about the traditional industry of video games, which primarily relied on big studios to put up big budgets to create games, and pay for large marketing campaigns. But that dynamic has changed, drastically. Now, it is totally possible for small studios, with limited budgets, to put out big, good games. Basically, a good new game is now released every single day on Steam. Several games that I would list among my favorite games ever were released this year.

It’s been announced that Disco Elysium will be updated next year to include full voice acting. I think I’m going to record a full let’s play. I have wanted to do that, but decided I couldn’t possibly read all of that text aloud. So, that’s something fun to look forward to in the spring.

In the more immediate future, I’ve heard that Leo Fong has surrendered to crowd pressure, and is going to play Cyberpunk for several more hours this weekend – some kind of “critic’s stream.” It’s not clear if that’s going to be on Saturday or Sunday, but I’ll let you know as soon as I get word.