Sometimes, People are Wrong About Things. I can Admit When I Am.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2017

I had a boomer family friend with a sort of hippie type mindset about health issues.

She said since the 80s that cellphone usage was going to lead to and explosion in brain cancer. She felt very strongly about this. And it was rather logical. Holding a radiation device up to your ear – right where they is a hold through your skull, leading directly to your brain – seems like something that would cause a brain tumor. Lots of expert scientists and medical professionals avoided the devices for this reason.

I had, in my teenage years and early twenties, generally tended to agree with her, and had tried my best to use a headset when speaking on cellphones. I was happy when texting came out.

Recently, speaking with her, she told me that she doesn’t think that’s the case any more. People have been using cellphones for three decades now, and we aren’t seeing an explosion in brain cancer. She said, “I guess we were wrong about that.”

Though this radiation could be disrupting our brains in other ways, it seems that we can say with some deal of confidence that it isn’t giving people tumors.

I had a similar prediction, that I felt very strongly about, but which it turns out I was wrong about.

I thought that as Islamic terrorist attacks in Western Europe became more and more frequent, public sentiment would begin to turn against Moslems.

However, this has not happened, and there is no reason to believe it is ever going to happen.

People are just going to keep dying on the streets, as the police state ratchets up in an attempt to deal with something it cannot possibly deal with – given that many if not most of these new attacks are lone wolf attacks, that are not centrally planned, and thus it is very difficult to monitor them and catch them before they happen – and they are never going to blame the religion of Islam or the racial group that it represents.

Not in Western Europe they’re not.

Like the cellphone brain tumors, if it was going to happen on a large scale, it would already be beginning to happen on a higher and higher rate. And it just isn’t happening.

Every time one of these attacks happens, it is all #NotAllMoslems, and people are learning to adapt to a situation where they just might be murdered at any time, randomly, on the street, by strangers.

There is hope in America and there is hope in Eastern Europe, but in France, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia, there is no longer any hope that there is going to be some popular backlash against the Islamic invasion and conquest.

I am a grown adult, and this is something that I want to admit I was wrong about.

I genuinely thought it would happen.

But it simply is not happening.

The people of Western Europe want to be conquered and destroyed by Islam. This is what they want. You can blame brainwashing, feminism, Jews, whatever – but the cause does not change the reality on the ground.

This is where we are at.

This is going to be twitter hashtags and buildings lit up and prayers for the dead until our countries are totally dominated by foreign hordes.

If there is an attack every hour, on the hour, this response is going to remain the same for the overwhelming majority of the population.

This is that the people have chosen.

It is a reality we need to confront and we need to deal with as we plan our move forward.

Pretending like “Europe is going to wake up eventually” is just childish and absurd at this point.

And we are grown men.