Someone Please Meme the Blacks Into Renaming Houston “No Limit City”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2017

I told you guys that if you took down Confederate monuments, they would just start going after “anyone who owned slaves,” which is effectively every major figure of import in American history before the Civil War.

Sam Houston was governor of Texas from 1859 to 1861, and was ousted because he refused to support the Confederacy.

But he did own slaves.

So antifa is now organizing to remove a statue of him, in the city of Houston.

From the Antifa Texas Facebook page:

They are claiming that they have the ear of the city’s black Mayor (this probably isn’t true, but it will be eventually).

This is bloody brilliant, mate.

They are going to agitate the blacks. That is a fact. They will be able to do this successfully.

And, presumably, they will be able to remove the statue of Sam Houston from the city named after him.

I understand people fighting to preserve Confederate monuments. But – bad news – that battle is already over.

Now that these people are moving on non-Confederates, planning to take down the statues of anyone who owned slaves – I think we should let it ride.

Because if they take down the statue of the man Houston was named after, the immediate next step is going to be calling for the name of the city to be changed.

I think we should support this. Subversively, of course. But I think that if these people literally start changing the names of major cities (Houston is the fifth biggest metro area in the country), then we’re going to see some people really waking up to just exactly what is going on here.

Houston is the perfect place too, given that Sam Houston actually stood against the Confederacy.

So, I’m proposing we play a major subversive role in this (nb4 then why are you announcing it publicly – it doesn’t matter, bro).

I think we need to pose as both blacks and Antifa online, and start a movement to demand the city of Houston change its name because Sam Houston owned slaves.

This could effectively be one of the biggest trolls in all of history.

Suggestions for names to change it to:

  • No Limit City
  • New Kenya
  • 2 Pac City
  • Cleopatra
  • King Solomon City
  • Trayvon Martinsburg
  • Malcolm X City
  • Emancipation City
  • Nat Turner City
  • Hip-Hop City
  • Dirty South Rap City
  • Zulu
  • Elijah Muhammad City
  • Obama
  • Sub-Saharaville
  • New Lagos
  • Black Hebrew Israel
  • New Black Israel
  • World Star City
  • New Detroit
  • New Egypt
  • Pyramid City
  • Afro City
  • Trenchtown
  • New Zimbabwe
  • Michael Brownsville

And I’m sure you can think of many, many great ones.

I’m not joking about this.

Probably, they are going to get the statue of Sam Houston taken down within a year – they might get it done this summer.

And if people even hear that they are pushing to change the name of Houston – AND THE MEDIA WILL SUPPORT THIS – that is going to be millions of people who say “okay, enough is enough.”

If we/they are successful in renaming it, once we take back this country we can name it after someone who didn’t cuck out on the Civil War.

Name it after John Bell Hood. That guy didn’t give a fuck.

Best beard in the Confederacy to boot.

Or just name it “Hitlersburg.”

This is Perfect

This is going to be very easy, because they already want to do this. All we are doing is giving a helping hand.

So get those fake black twitter accounts activated.

And get ready to meme this. Hard.

Antifa and black memes are horrible. They absolutely need our help.

Looking at the Texas page, they’re memes are like are like they were made by someone with Down Syndrome.

Lots of Simpsons. And babies.

I have seriously never in my life seen someone try to meme like this. Never.

I just want to be clear here – I am NOT saying don’t go counter-protest.


We’ll advertise it again, and I assume the Houston Boys are already getting something together. I haven’t talked to them yet, but I will soon.

We should absolutely humiliate them, publicly, again.

But that doesn’t stop the destruction of monuments.

If anything, these people attacking us and getting their asses kicked in fact HELPS their cause. A cause which, as it is, I think we should also be helping.

We’ve got Goy Orbison writing here now, and he’s big in with the Houston crowd, so I’m gonna get him to write something up on this soon.

But everyone in Texas and anyone who can get there, be ready on the 10th. We’ll probably have a stream up here. I think we’re going to be able to pull a few hundred people. So hopefully they bring enough to start a ruckus.

We want the media victory, and we want to have fun.

I haven’t heard any of the Alt-Lite fags mention this at all, so hopefully this can just be our thing.

Hail the South.

Hail Texas.

Hail Houston.

Hail Victory.