Someone has to Stop the “Harassment” of Female “Journalists”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

Watch yourselves, lads. The “journalists” are coming.

Freedomists AKA neon-nazis are heavily outgunned in the Infowars, so we are forced to hit “soft targets.” By the way, the term “Infowars” is no longer copyrighted by Alex Jones, because he was banned from the copyright office by Jews for disagreeing with the Jewish media, so I’m going to start using it a lot more.

Anyway, yeah – soft targets.

In the Infowars, women are always soft targets, because they cannot control their own emotions, thoughts or any behaviors at all. The reason they are targeted by armies of trolls is the same reason that Reuters needs to publish articles about how their feelings are so hurt: because women are pathetic, weak beings who God created only to get fucked and service men in various other menial ways.

Thomson Reuters Foundation:

Female journalists are facing a “relentless” barrage of attacks and harassment, with nearly a third considering leaving the profession as a result, media support organisations have warned.

More than half of women in media have suffered work-related abuse, threats or physical attacks in the past year, found a survey by the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) and TrollBusters, which supports reporters being harassed.

lol they support reporters being harassed?

Is this a Daily Stormer affiliate?

“Female journalists are dealing with harassment on a daily basis,” said Elisa Lees Munoz, executive director of the US-based IWMF, which promotes women journalists.

“It is almost generally accepted as part of their everyday work environment.”

The majority of women said their gender was a key reason they had been targeted, in a survey of nearly 600 female journalists in the United States and around the world.

More than half reported they had been threatened or abused in a face-to-face encounter in the course of their work, with over a quarter saying they had been physically attacked.

Yeah. Gonna call bullshit on that.

Unless they’re working for Inside Edition entrapping black criminals, I don’t know how the hell a quarter of them are being physically attacked. I don’t even know what any print journalist looks like, other than Oliva Nuzzi because she posted all those whore pics of herself after her botched plastic surgery.

And I’ll tell you what, if I ran into that bitch on the street, I wouldn’t whack her with a ten-foot dildo. I might yell “whore!” or “cocksucking slut!”

Here’s her Twitter – you didn’t get it from me.

Nearly two-thirds said they had suffered online harassment or threats, with more than one in ten reporting it happened often or daily.

“We believe this is a concerted effort to discredit women’s voices in the media and to intimidate them into leaving the profession,” TrollBusters founder Michelle Ferrier, a former journalist, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


You could have just called me up for your faggot study. I would have explained this to you.

We WANT MORE female reporters, because they discredit themselves by being stupider than painted-up piles of dogshit, and basically prove all of our points for us by doing any act they are involved in.

I ACTIVELY SUPPORT the metoo movement. There is no bigger metoo supporter than Andrew Anglin. Because I literally want all men run out of every position of enemy organizations, and for all of them to be entirely staffed by women.

She added that women’s “tenuous position” in male-dominated newsrooms meant they were often wary of complaining due to a fear they might suffer professionally as a result.

Online harassment was particularly concerning, said the report’s authors, with female journalists now facing an endless stream of abuse in real time, which in some cases was deliberately co-ordinated by hate groups.

Over a quarter of them have been physically attacked but your main concern is online trolling?


That’s the thing that you’re telling me here?

Because it seems that if these women are being physically attacked in the streets, that should be the main focus of a group that exists to protect them. Unless of course the part about being physically attacked was just made up, which it obviously was.

Here’s the Thing

If you “harass” a man, they will be like “whatever dude.” Whereas a woman will have a public psychotic breakdown. If the genders were actually equal, there would be zero reason that women are more often “targets of harassment” than men.

The reason women get shit on the internet is because everyone knows they will respond with emotion. When your only weapon is emotional and psychological manipulation of the enemy, and the enemy is a massive hook-nosed beast that controls basically the entire world, you’re going to hit the softest targets.

The Other Thing

This entire report is just a call for restrictions on internet free speech, from the angle that it is mean to journalists (the people who journalists allege free speech exists to protect) not to censor speech on the internet.

Whenever you hear about this crap, the next thing is always “the solution is more censorship of people who disagree with us.”

It is quite convenient that journalists are able to call for the restriction of the speech of people who disagree with them by claiming that they themselves are victims of people disagreeing with them.