Some Leftist Cuck was Demonetized

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2017

Google has demonetized a lefist cuck who goes by the appropriate name Leftist Cuck.

This proves that all along Google was doing 4D chess to further far right ideas.

But seriously: Google has also just shut down a guy with less than 30,000 subscribers at the time of writing and gets less views than that on most of his videos. The only ones that are more than that are his Antifa videos, which have gotten close to or more than 100,000 views.

This guy almost never posts any commentary, this is one of his usual videos.

There is no controversy in what he posts, it is all just normie-friendly memes and leftists acting like idiots.

We need to call attention to everyone that gets targeted in a small or large shuttening to show the fact that (((certain entities))) are only focusing on a very specific demographic to shut down and economically strangle while leaving people who conform alone. Tim Pool has also been a victim of this recently, and this will continue to happen to everyone involved in any kind of further right than Marx speech.