Some Insight Into Donald Trump’s Popularity with the American People

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

At this moment, there’s definitely some confusion as to how popular or unpopular Donald Trump is with the American people. This is largely due to the fact that the Jew-run news media lies about everything. The fact that they claimed Trump was a Russian agent with no evidence for over two years pretty much says it all. Most polls can’t be trusted because of how inaccurate they were during the 2016 election. The polls themselves have in many ways become a means of political propaganda and are not an accurate measure of the electorate.

They’re claiming that all of the leading Democrat candidates would easily defeat Trump in the 2020 election if that election was held today. But this claim is highly questionable and not based on any solid evidence.

Trump’s rally last week in New Hampshire provided some insight into his true popularity. I had the chance to talk to a number of people who attended that rally and they told me some interesting things.

Many thousands of Trump supporters went to see him speak, and they were all incredibly enthusiastic. There are lots of photos and videos which back up this anecdotal evidence. Trump has already shared some of this on his Twitter feed.

They also said that there were only a small handful of anti-Trump protesters in a fenced-off area, which they estimated to be in the range of maybe 30 or 40 people. The vast majority of them appeared to be misinformed, stupid or insane.

Even more interesting was how they encountered a number of people at the rally who were from other New England states which are considered to be Democrat strongholds like Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. And many of these people were actually former Democrats who got sick of how ridiculous the party has become.

Granted, this is only a reflection of a small part of the country, but it seems to reveal that Trump still has a solid base of support and that there are people abandoning the Democrat Party to support him.

Trump’s political opponents put everything into the Russia hoax and to say that it blew up in their faces would be an understatement. Especially with Robert Mueller’s pitiful performance in front of Congress. Now they don’t even mention Russia and are back to claiming that Trump is some type of orange reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

What we are seeing in the Jew-run media and on Jew-run social media sites are not accurate reflections of reality. They are false projections being created by these Jews with their billion dollar megaphones to make people believe that there’s this massive opposition to Trump. But if there was really this huge opposition to Trump, how come the people I talked to reported only seeing a small number of people protesting him at his recent rally? It would seem as if the failure of the Russia hoax has greatly demoralized his opposition and we can assume that there are a significant number of people who are angry that they were lied to for two years.

It’s obviously impossible to predict what’s going to happen in 2020 with all the social media censorship and election meddling by these big tech companies. But these anecdotal accounts appear to suggest that Trump is in a much better position than these liars in the Jew-run news media are letting on.

This can change, but so long as Trump doesn’t launch an insane war for Jews and the economy doesn’t collapse, he probably has a good chance of getting reelected. Especially if the Democrats nominate one of the crazier candidates.