Some Guy Talking About Supply Line Collapse

This is an interesting video on the ongoing supply chain collapse.

The guy is sensationalizing a little bit, maybe.

But basically: all of that stuff I predicted back in April of last year is beginning.

You just can’t upset the economy like it was upset by this virus hoax and then have nothing happen.

Of course, this is all part of the plan. They want to create a global economic crisis, the solution to which will be you living in a tiny apartment in a high-rise tenement building and eating bugs, having no job and living off of a “UBI” credit system that puts spendable credits on your phone.

Basically, the plan is to totally downsize the entire Western world, which means none of your jobs will be necessary, and you will instead be told to live in a small room and masturbate.

Just like shutting down your movement with the virus hoax was a way to familiarize you with having no freedom, a breakdown of the supply lines would be to familiarize you with being poor.

At some point, the dollar will collapse, and most people will then be in total poverty, and they will then be happy to get a free room in a high-rise roach-infested building and buy bug food with fed coins on your phone.

Anyway, I’m so sick of saying this same thing over and over again.

I need to just write it out in a really orderly fashion, and then just point people to that.

Or I could just post this image summarizing it: