Some Fantastic Russian Proverbs About the Jews

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2015


A helpful reader has translated some centuries-old Russian proverbs about the Jews for us.

Most of them rhyme, but unfortunately this could not be preserved in translation.

There are a lot more than just these, but they are so specific that they are either un-translateable or incomprehensible to a non-Russian.


If you lack a devil in your home, invite a Jew in.

Whoever serves a Jew will not avoid disaster.

What God loves, a Jew discards.

A baptised Jew is like a tamed wolf.

A Jew boasts of things a gentile repents for.

Let a Jew into your house for a day and you won’t get rid of him in a year.

Wherever a Jew goes, misfortune brews.

A Jew’s hands love the labour of others.

Pandering to a Jew is no different from being a thief yourself.

A Jew is always ready to cross himself if he profits from it.

A Jew is nourished by mischief.

Where a Jew walks, men’s tears flow.

A Jew will say he was beaten, but will never say for what.

A Jew in business is like a leech on the skin.

A Jew’s love is worse than a hangman’s noose.

You want to ruin a Jew, don’t do business with him.

For a Jew, souls are cheaper than coins.

While you drink, a Jew steals your money.

A Jew doesn’t know what shame is.

A Jew will even swing a censer, as long as coin flows.

Run with Jews, wake up with sins.

Where a Jew goes, bribes follow.

First a Jew treats you to a drink, then he makes you a drunkard.

A Jew takes you not by force, but by temptation.

A Jew stinks as badly as he looks.

A Jew is like a pig: nothing hurts, but he keeps squealing.

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A house is only good until a Jew settles in it.

A Jew is honey-mouthed in poverty, insolent in equality and a fiend in power.Call a Jew a brother and he will call himself your father.A Jew swings his tongue while a man swings his hoe.
A Jew works only with his stomach.

Who buys from a Jew digs his own grave.

A Jew promising healing is like Death promising life.

What ends up in a Jew’s hands, disappears.

Avoid friendship with a Jew and you will avoid trouble in life.

Bow to a Jew and you break in half.

Jews are like rats – only strong in packs.

Jewish praise is worse than scolding.

Trust your eyes, not Jewish words.

Jews carry lies like fields carry wheat.

When a Jew tells the truth, the Devil will die.

A Jew sinks the truth with gold, but it always floats to the surface.

A Jew looks at you like a fox, yet stinks like a wolf.

When you weep with joy, a Jew weeps with envy.

Even a sated Jew looks around with hungry eyes.

A Jew stops sucking blood only when he tires of breathing.

Better to lose with a Christian than to find with a Jew.

A Jew trembles over every coin even with one foot in the grave.

Jews sow usury and reap misery.

Jews pave their way with money.

You may complete your service to God, but never your service to a Jew.

Around rich Jews, men wear rags.

Locusts might devour your crops, but a Jew will rip your skin off.

Who gives a Jew free will, sells himself into slavery.

A leech will gorge itself and fall off, a Jew won’t.

There are no good Jews, just like there are no good rats.

Punch a Jew in the face and he will accuse you of murder.

When a Jew appears in your village, tie your tongue and unleash your dogs.

If you want to live, drive away the Jew.

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