Some Countries are Trying to Open Up a Little Bit Now That We Know This was a Hoax

At a recent press conference urging countries to please stay locked down forever, WHO Generalized Director Tedros Adhanom played Drowning Pools’ “Bodies” at maximum volume.

Several journalists started crying, and when the song was over, Tedros said “the bodies are going to hit the floor if we reopen.”


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to return to work after recovering from the coronavirus, his office said Sunday, as U.S. states and nations around the world took divergent paths on when to reopen their economies and communities.

The 55-year-old U.K. leader, who was hospitalized for a week, will return to the office Monday. Opposition politicians are calling for more clarity on when the government will ease a nationwide lockdown that runs at least through May 7.

The number of deaths officially attributed to the new coronavirus has topped 200,000 globally, a figure widely believed to understate the actual total.

Widely believed by who? Or should I say: “widely believed by WHO.”

Far from “understating,” this number greatly overstates. We know for a fact that the CDC is telling hospitals to report random deaths as coronavirus-related, even without a test. Even in the anecdotal stories we read about the individual deaths – published to stir up emotion in the goyim – we find that there is probable mislabeling.

Yesterday, for example, I reported on a baby dying “of coronavirus.” It turned out that in the 8th paragraph, it was admitted the baby had a serious heart condition, and bronchitis, and got the virus while at the hospital for those conditions!

But of course, they are saying “understated” because in a couple of months, they are going to pull a new number out of nowhere. It won’t be something anyone can check. They will just give some crazy new number – probably six million – and say “it’s science, goy.”

Even as aides develop plans to shift President Donald Trump’s public emphasis from the virus to addressing the economic crisis it has caused, Dr. Anthony Fauci at the U.S. National Institutes of Health warned against moving too quickly.

“You hear a lot about the need and the desire to get back to normal. That’s understandable,” he said. “If we don’t get control of it we will never get back to normal. I know we will, but we’ve got to do it correctly.”

The virus didn’t cause the economic collapse. All the virus did was kill some people in nursing homes who were ready to go, and a few fat people who deserved to die.

What destroyed the economy is this insane lockdown.

Societies are navigating an uncertain path between preventing a resurgence of the virus and providing economic and psychological relief for people cooped up at home. Millions have lost jobs, with migrant workers and the poor particularly hard hit in many places. Protests have broken out from Berlin to Texas over the restrictions.

India allowed neighborhood stores to reopen this weekend, though not in the places that have been hit hardest. Neighboring Sri Lanka reimposed a nationwide lockdown until Monday after partially lifting it.

The Chinese city of of Wuhan, where the pandemic began, said that all major construction projects have resumed in a push to restart factory production and other economic activity after a 2 1/2 month lockdown. The outbreak has largely subsided in China, which reported 11 new confirmed cases Sunday and no additional deaths.

China only locked down one single city. They told people to wear masks, while the lunatic US government was inexplicably telling people that wearing masks would increase their chances of getting infected.

China is going to be doing fine when this is over. Their biggest problem will be figuring out how to restructure their economy so they don’t rely on exports. Because the West isn’t going to have the money to buy anything from them.

But that’s just a little baby problem compared to 50% unemployment, tens of millions of homeless and impending starvation.

South Korea also did no lockdown and solved the alleged problem.

South Korea, which recently relaxed some of its social distancing rules, saw a ninth straight day with fewer than 20 new cases. The small city-state of Singapore, though, reported 931 new cases as it battles an outbreak among foreign workers living in dormitories.

In Europe, Spain has joined Italy and France in preparing to loosen restrictions in early May, but the United Kingdom is holding off. Britain’s death toll has topped 20,000, not including nursing home deaths, which are believed to be in the thousands.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige extended both the stay-at-home order and a mandatory quarantine for visitors through May 31. He warned of undoing progress if public places open up too early.

“This was not an easy decision. I know this has been difficult for everyone. Businesses need to reopen. People want to end this self-isolation and we want to return to normal,” he said in a statement.

A spring heat wave drove an uptick of people to California beaches, golf courses and trails. Police in Pacific Grove, about 85 miles (135 kilometers) south of San Francisco, said they had to close the picturesque Lovers Point Park and Beach because of a lack of social distancing.

Officers on horseback patrolled closed Los Angeles beaches, trails and playgrounds to enforce distancing rules.


And you were upset when they told you to pick up that can!

This really is an Alex Jonesian police state nightmare.

And all it took was for the media to go nuts over the flu and show you some stupid graphs.

I am predicting this lockdown is going to last a lot longer. I think they are going to come out and say that a bunch of people died in the places that opened up, so they have to close again.

The governments created this situation for a purpose. The purpose goes beyond simply destroying the economy and wiping out the middle class. They want to force through an entire new way of life, where we are under constant fear of flu viruses. They’ve gone this far, they’re not going to back down now.