Some Conservatives Actually Say Something About Abuse of Protesters in Australia

This is something absolutely no one expected to happen.


American Republicans called on the United States to impose sanctions against Australia this week in response to several cases of Australian police officers violently attacking ‘unauthorized protesters’.

On Sunday, Ben Kew – the English editor of the conservative Florida-based publication El American – declared in an article that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison “must be made to pay for such flagrant human rights violations” that have taken place against protesters and other Australians through the use of strict Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

What has taken place in this former colonial outpost is neither normal nor acceptable. In fact, the behavior of the Australian government and its security apparatus has openly violated the most fundamental rights of its citizens,” Kew wrote, noting Australia’s development of a facial recognition app to keep people in quarantine, its prohibition of Australians leaving the country, and its policies that have kept tens of thousands of Australian citizens stranded abroad.

Kew called Australia’s new AUKUS pact with the US and UK, presumably struck against China, “ironic,” arguing that “the Chinese people currently have more [Covid-19] freedom than their Australian counterparts,” and argued that since Australia is supposed to be a leader of the free world, it should be held to higher standards.

Because of this, Kew concluded that Australia should receive “boycotts, diplomatic warnings, or even targeted sanctions” over its treatment of Australian citizens during the pandemic to show that “the free world will not stand by in silence” as human rights “are so aggressively undermined.”

The Chinese have more virus freedom than any Western country. They’re not getting forced out of their jobs by the government for refusing the vax like Joe Biden is doing to Americans.

The Chinese also have more freedom of speech than any Western people.

I say this a lot, and I’m glad to see someone else going in that direction.

People have accused me of claiming “Chinese have a lot of freedom,” which I’ve never said. I’ve simply made the comparison, which is factual, and which no one can argue with. I’ve also made the point that China doesn’t claim to be a society that values personal freedom in the way that the West makes that claim.

Kew’s article received support from prominent US Republican groups and individuals, including Republicans for National Renewal.

The group, which is chaired by former Republican Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, shared the article on Twitter and called Australia’s actions “contemptible,” adding, “We should expect better from one of our closest allies.”

The article was also shared by conservative commentator Mike Cernovich, former congressional candidate Chuck Callesto, and Matthew Tyrmand – a fellow at the conservative Claremont Institute and the son of the late anti-communist Polish-American writer Leopold Tyrmand.

“Americans didn’t die for Australians in WWII so they could become slaves of a tyrant,” one American commented, while another called on the US to “Liberate Australia.”

I am not a supporter of these “liberation wars,” but I doubt that tweeter is either.

But people like Ben Sasse and Mitch McConnell – along with basically all Democrats – are effectively calling for an invasion of China to liberate the wiggers (who should be in camps because they are terrorists, unlike the Australians who just want freedom).

Under normal circumstances, however, it would be appropriate to sanction Australia for this decision to so brutally abuse their own population. But instead, the US government is giving them sweetheart deals on military equipment.

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It just shows once again that all of this bullshit the US government spews about trying to spread morality through the world is just a gigantic scam, a way to justify an empire.

Of course, a real empire doesn’t need tricks and hoaxes to justify itself. The Roman Empire didn’t claim the people they invaded and conquered were “abusing the minorities” or whatever.

The US Empire is a joke empire. Nothing about any of this is serious.

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If we were actually an empire of humanitarianism, it would be Australia at the top of the list and France as a close second as nations needing “liberation.”

Of course, the reason that the media and the government are refusing to talk about the police abuses in Australia and France is that they are planning that for us. They do not believe it is immoral.

These people simply do not care about human beings.

Their agenda is something completely different, and anyone who trusts them to help us out of kindness is effectively some kind of mental retard.

Frankly, anyone who sees them for what they are and doesn’t resist is even more retarded.

They are not going to let us escape.