Some British Academics Say Coronavirus is Like a Regular Flu Outbreak

“There’s nothing regular about this regular flu outbreak,” says the media, as it shows you this kind of picture.

Despite the fact that coronavirus is literally just the flu, the media is calling the idea that coronavirus is literally just the flu a “conspiracy theory,” because of course.

Daily Mail:

British academics including a former disgraced lecturer accused of whitewashing the Syrian regime have shared conspiracy theories about the coronavirus online.

The Organisation for Propaganda Studies, co-founded by Piers Robinson, tweeted a YouTube interview last week entitled ‘Is Coronavirus The New 9/11?’

In that video, Dr Robinson called Covid-19 a ‘low fatality virus’ with ‘no indication that it’s significantly different from what we see with major flu outbreaks every year’.

He alleges that ‘propagandistic information’ has created ‘so much hype around it, there is so much fear’, according to The Times.

Dr. Piers Robinson

Dr Robinson said: ‘The question is who was involved in influencing, arranging, and which states, including from within the US political system.

‘And if that’s the case with 9/11 it’s perfectly possible that there are actors at play in relation to this. Some people have talked about bioweapons.’

It comes as communications masts around the UK have been destroyed after unfounded claims 5G technology was causing the coronavirus to spread went viral.

The Times named that academics who are accused of sharing bogus coronavirus theories, including environmental political theory professor Tim Hayward of the University of Edinburgh, and New York University professor Mark Crispin Miller.

Prof Crispin Miller, another director of the OPS, has written that the coronavirus ‘may be an artificially created bioweapon’. He was approached for comment.

Translation: “Academics who are accused of not adhering to the official mass panic policy.”

This week, Prof Hayward retweeted a Canadian environmentalist’s claim that the WEF, UN, and Imperial College London might be part of a plot to exploit the pandemic by promoting vaccines and creating gene-modified flu-resistant chickens.

He also tweeted Oliver Stone, who made a SHOWTIME series on Vladimir Putin, speculating on whether the virus could have been a biological attack on China.

Prof Hayward told The Times: ‘If I retweet interesting tweets by an influential public figure, I think it is up to other people what they make of it.

If controversial ideas are not discussed, mistakes cannot be revealed.’

That’s exactly what a Nazi would say.

The OPS defended its associated thinkers, claiming: ‘Its function is to scrutinise propaganda and intelligence campaigns, specifically examining the role of British media organisations in amplifying those state propaganda campaigns.’

Prof Hayward, along with Prof David Miller and Dr Robinson, are members of the OPS, a vehicle accused of whitewashing the Syrian regime.

The idea that anyone who questions or offers alternative takes and explanations for current events is somehow a conspiracy theorist who’s putting the lives of innocent 5G towers and people at risk is quite suspicious.

If people aren’t allowed to question the official narrative now that the world is going through gargantuan changes at colossal speed, then when?

When is it allowed to disagree with the media and the government?

It’s almost as if there was something that those in power don’t want people to know.