Sodomy Promoting Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Pushing Underage Public Buttsex Orgies

Daily Stormer
August 23, 2016


Backbacon and gay buttsex are what makes Canada great!

As I’m sure you’re already aware, Canada has many deficits that keep her from being great. Fortunately, their courageous SJW Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has vowed to turn these deficits into world-class surpluses!

First on the agenda was brown people. How can any country be great without the population being majority brown? Trudeau is already on it!

But colored people alone will never make a nation into the world-leading, super-tolerant society that Canadians demand. So what is the next logical step?

They need more faggots! And faggots need buttsex. Lots of buttsex. Anywhere they want. With minor children if necessary.

What sort of bigot could possibly oppose this? It’s obviously a human right, and probably more important than all others!

Life Site News:

Trudeau plans will allow anal sex ‘anytime, any place, with anyone’: critic

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals intend to implement most, if not all, recommendations contained in the homosexual-rights activist group Egale’s June 2016 The Just Society Report, the Globe’s John Ibbitson reported last week.

That means Trudeau will apologize, likely in September, to those homosexual Canadians jailed, fired or otherwise penalized in the decades before 1969, Ibbitson wrote.

That’s how it always starts, with an apology…

But more to the point, the Liberals are expected to implement Egale’s proposals, wrote Ibbitson, describing these as “a broad range of reforms that will collectively represent one of the greatest advances for sexual minorities in Canada’s history.”

But Gwen Landolt of REAL Women has a starkly different view, warning that Egale’s The Just Society Report contains the “very, very, very troubling recommendation” to repeal Criminal Code Section 159.

That section bans anal intercourse between persons under age 18, and also stipulates that the act be between no more than two persons, so if repealed, group anal sex will be permissible with no age restriction.

Landolt stressed that because other sections of the Criminal Code do not legislate on anal intercourse, a repeal of Section 159 will mean, in effect, that “there’s no age of consent” for anal sex.

“The point is, consent is under Section 150, and it must be age 16 and above,” she said, “but it does not include anal intercourse as such.”

So if “you wipe out 159 without any amendments, you can have access to anal intercourse with anyone at any age,” Landolt told LifeSiteNews. “That is extremely alarming, there’s no two questions about it.”

Faggots really love that part. Homosexuals are the single biggest demographic among child molesters. Despite leftist propaganda to the contrary, this is the homo’s most overwhelming desire: Access to young boys. Catamites have been a sexual staple among them for millennia.


1st Century AD Roman cup depicting a patrician homo and his pleb catamite

But that’s not all! There can be no restrictions of any kind on sodomy if a people are to be truly free. Therefore, it must be allowed anywhere, at any time, for people of all ages to see and appreciate!

Egale is also calling for repeal of the bawdy house laws (Sections 210 and 211), which prohibit “open, public sex” and “have been used for the bathhouse raids,” noted Landolt.

“But with those sections removed, you can have sex anytime, any place, anywhere, with anyone.”

That’s what liberty and prosperity are all about, goys! Open-air public gay orgies, everywhere, all the time!


Vote for me and you can bang yourself to death, right here, any time you want!

Reporting on these things is really becoming a mind-numbing challenge. The proposals that come from these leftists vis-à-vis striking down old laws and writing new ones in order to turn our societies from the bastions of strength and morality they have been into the current and ever decaying dens of retarded iniquity that would make a skunk lose it’s lunch just get more and more demented every day.

Finding new adjectives to describe the ungodly depravity of these people and their ideas becomes a more impossible task by the day.

I may have to start making up new ones.