Sodomite “Priests” Arrested in Miami For Sucking Ding-Dongs In Public

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 5, 2018

Diego Berrio, Edwin Giraldo Cortez – sodomite “priests” caught sucking ding-dongs.

I see this, and I think of one and only one thing.

CBS Miami:

Two Chicago-area priests were charged Monday with Lewd and Lascivious behavior and Indecent Exposure after being caught performing a sexual act inside a car parked on a Miami Beach street.

According to Miami Beach Police, 39-year-old Diego Berrio and 30-year-old Edwin GiraldoCortez were in the front seat of a car performing oral sex.

Police got a 911 call about a lewd and lascivious incident taking place in the 1300 block of Ocean Drive.

When officers arrived, the police report states, the two were performing sex acts on each other “in full view of the public passing by on Ocean Drive and the sidewalk.”

It was 3:20 in the afternoon.

“Yesterday, we received a call indicating that two men were performing a sex act inside of a car. This is in broad daylight, 13th Street and Ocean Drive. There are no tints on the window,” explained Miami Beach Police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

When police arrived, it was still going on.

Imaging being the police, and having to see stuff like this.

Insert stock image of cop, captioned: It only you knew how bad things really are.

Police said Berrio and GiraldoCortez were so engaged, they didn’t even notice that police were there.

“We observed the two males performing the sex act, the officer had to tap on the window to get their attention,” said Rodriguez.

Both men were placed under arrest without incident.

The arrest reports state both men are priests from Arlington Heights, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago.

The address they gave comes back to the Mission San Juan Diego Parish in Arlington Heights.

Autists, I need you to tell me what is going on in that Parish. Are there children here? Because, lemme guarantee you – if these two priests are corrupted, the whole Parish is probably corrupted.

We need an Inquisition.

Late Tuesday, the Archdiocese of Chicago released a statement regarding the two priests.

“Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, archbishop of Chicago, has removed Fr. Berrio from ministry and withdrawn his faculties to minister in the Archdiocese of Chicago, effective immediately. The archdiocese will appoint an administrator for the Misión San Juan Diego as soon as possible.

“Archdiocese representatives have been in contact with Fr. Cortes’ home diocese of Soacha, Colombia and informed them that Fr. Cortes will not be granted additional faculties to minister in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Let’s unpack this – one guy got removed from his post but not from the Church, another will not be given additional jobs in his archdiocese.

These faggots will just be moved around. This Cardinal guy, Blase J. Cupich, is going soft on them.

I want to see this church lose all credibility and I want to see Italy seize the Vatican. I want to see the church made whole again, and Europa purged of the Moslems and Jews.

False priests who practice sodomy must burn.

And now, an email from an anonymous reader in Chile:

Dear Daily Stormer,

I want you to know that everyone in Chile has been watching about the pope on the national television. It is a widely held belief that the church has become corrupted. I have told everyone I know at school and at work and in my family that the church is full of a satanic pedophile cult, and no one will disagree with me.

In the capital there are many old churches which were made by the first conquistadors, great beautiful buildings of stone, old like time, which held the Cross above these brutal sky scrapers.

The beautiful old churches of stone have been covered with satanic graffiti, as have lay sectors of the Capital city itself. There are inverted crosses, pentagrams, occult symbols, symbols of femininity, and statements on abortion.

Inside one of these churches, I saw rainbow propaganda promoting a scheduled event to promote sodomy among the religious. I have not gone into another.

The church delays in cleaning the satanic graffiti from its exterior.

I want to see these old stone buildings made beautiful again and pure.

This wanting is written into my heart.

Every day, this world falls further from Grace.

God have Mercy on us.