Society of Paranoia: Biden’s “Salute the Marines” Incident Demonstrates the Wacky Ride We’re in For

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In a video from Wednesday’s inauguration that social media is having a hard time deleting fast enough, Fake US President Joe Biden is seen walking past marines into the Capitol building, then mutters “salute the marines” instead of saluting the marines.

The obvious implication here is that someone told him, in an earpiece that he is wearing, to “salute the marines,” and instead of doing it, he repeated the words. Neither he nor his wife actually saluted the marines.

Apparently, because of his senility, which has resulted in numerous gaffes and a general inability to speak coherently, the alleged “President Biden” has become accustomed to simply repeating whatever is said into the earpiece.

This very bizarre incident speaks to the larger bizarre and Lynchian nature of our current timeline. Apparently, everything that the supposed leader of the nation says and does is now coming through an earpiece. If he has to have an earpiece to tell him to do something so simple and routine as offering a salute to the Marines guarding the Capitol Building during the inauguration, then it must be assumed that virtually everything he says and does is being coordinated through this earpiece, and that he is basically a stringless puppet, in the most literal sense, for whoever is speaking into the earpiece.

So who is speaking into the earpiece? We have had a lot of presidents who were referred to as “puppets,” but we have never had a situation where every physical movement of the president is being coordinated by a secret group, directly through an earpiece. This is both bizarre and frightening.

It is basically the diametric opposite of the situation with Donald Trump, where even his advisors had no idea what was going to come out of his mouth at any moment. Leaders from both political parties lived in constant fear of the next thing that Donald Trump was going to say. Ultimately, of course, Donald Trump’s rebelliousness and ostensibly erratic behavior ended up being irrelevant, as he was unable to accomplish much of anything as president, and was unable to prevent an absurd coup from removing him from office. But he did successfully cause a lot of policy makers and think-tank managers to live in fear for four years.

Obviously, Biden – or rather, whoever is behind his earpiece – is appointing a lot of people to actually run the government. An astonishing portion of these people are Jews. He recently announced that he will be nominating the aggressively anti-gun Jew Merrick Garland to run his Justice Department. His picks for Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, and his personal chief of staff, are also all Jewish.

However, even considering the fact that the US government is run by a Jewish-dominated bureaucracy, it is a shocking thing to have a head of state whose every action is determined by an unknown voice speaking into an earpiece. This creates a clean element of “cryptocracy,” that is, “a government run by hidden figures.”

This situation with Joe Biden’s actions being determined by a secret voice behind an earpiece also speaks to the larger paradigm of Western society, that is being forced on us by visible and invisible forces: we are entering into a social state of absolute paranoia, where no one knows who they can trust, or what is going to happen next at any given time.

Everyone is going to be made to feel that they are personally insane, because the society itself does not contain a coherent, logical order. The human brain seeks to detect patterns and logic in the environment, and typically, these are simply deduced. What the threats are, where the food comes from, how to speak and how to behave in social situations – all of this is determined by a pattern recognition system in the human brain. Right now, this pattern recognition system within the brain of the average person is being overloaded with meaningless, nonsensical, conflicting data, which is leading to an inability for the human being to consciously understand what is going on around him.

This, alongside the increasing real life threats to survival, and the increasing social isolation, is going to lead to many or most people going completely insane.

This is why I keep saying: the number one job that anyone has in our current society is to stay calm.

Remain in control of your immediate physical surroundings as much as you possibly can, and if you enter into weird social situations, and you don’t know what to say, the best default answer, that works in the largest number of confusing situations, is to say nothing and to either smile, nod, or do both (either at the same time or one after the other).

Don’t panic. Make sure you know where your towel is.