Societal Collapse: A Redemption Arc for Stupid, Dumb Millennial Scum?

This particular soyjak always looked Italian, no?

The Wall Street Journal published an article this week about how boomer mob bosses are having trouble trying to get their millennial children to take over the family business, because the millennials are completely incompetent.

This is the same problem that the global elite are having.

Millennials truly are simply worthless. This is not some boomer myth. They are lazy, stupid and entitled.

The entitlement and its associated emotionality are at the core of the problem. They don’t really grasp the idea of hard work. In most cases, this led to them not ever learning how to do anything. Even if they had a mentor, as I suspect both mob bosses and global elites mentored their children, the millennials just can’t seem to properly develop into adults.

Maybe a big part of it is growing up with technology. It certainly can’t be blamed on individuals, as it is a generational trend, and whenever everyone in a group is doing more or less the same thing, you can’t blame the individuals. Or, maybe you can blame them, but you can’t hold them personally responsible.

Whatever the case, everything the boomers say about millennials is true. Or rather, the critique is accurate – the boomer solution of walking straight into the boss’ office, looking him right in the eye and shaking a firm bootstrap at him is not going to work.

The problem is that now, millennials are past 25. I think the youngest official millennial is exactly 25 or maybe 24. But if you reach that age, and certainly if you reach 30, without developing a single skill you are competent at, there is virtually no chance you’re ever going to develop a skill.

There are people who say “oh you can go back to college in your 30s.” That’s sort of like telling women they can get pregnant in their 30s. Technically, it’s possible, but it’s so, so much more difficult.

A lot of you readers are millennials. Some of you have skills, at least from the military. Or you’re a computer programmer. Those are our two biggest millennial demographics here at Hoax Watch: military vets and programmers. But some of you, I’m sure, have no skills, as you approach or are well past 30. That really sucks for you (or you would think so – but as I will explain, not really – read on, reader).

But frankly, I really just fell into my thing.

I had a drive to be a writer from a young age, however, and really studied the form of both fiction and nonfiction. I read as a teenager Hunter S. Thompson saying that he retyped the entirety of The Great Gatsby and some Hemingway book, just to understand the process and form, and so I typed up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

And I’m really just lucky that the skills I was interested in learning lined up with my genetic potential. I happened to be someone with something interesting to say, some ability to analyze, who happened to fall into a skill set where that was a useful personal trait.

Even so – I’m glad I learned to hang drywall. Even that skill is not one I would want to go in and try to learn at 30. And it’s something I can fall back on, if this whole writing gig doesn’t work out.

I read some of these leftist journalists who try to stray from the 5Ws technical writing, and it’s just really very sad. They’re never going to be able to write anything interesting, because they’re not interesting people. At this point, a lot of writers for some of these mainstream publications don’t really seem to have grasped the 5Ws, which would mean that the social sciences are literally so faggoted up at this point that they can’t even manage to teach the most basic concept of technical form to their graduates.

It’s no wonder these people are so angry. It’s also no wonder that these journalists are so happy to serve the cause of the elite. Working for these elites on what is framed as a moral crusade brings meaning to the lives of people without any ability to find meaning elsewhere. Writing the 5Ws was a working class job, in the olden days, and your goal was to become the editor of a local paper somewhere. Now, journalism has been turned into a “profession” of the “professional class,” and where are you supposed to go from the 5Ws? They’re all going to become the next Hunter S. Thompson?

Wasn’t he a racist and a gay-basher? 

Anyway, yes, the point is: these people in the journalism profession are able to find meaning in promoting this hard elite agenda, and that is the way they can work up a ladder, to try to get a job on TV, or at The New York Times, in a promotion system that is basically based on your efficiency at lying and manipulating the public in order to promote the agenda of the global elite.

I mean you look at something like the fact that Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy have a show on CNN. These are two of the ugliest and most untalented individuals you will ever run across. In a society based on merit, these millennial losers would have a hard time keeping jobs as toilet cleaners.

But because of their seething devotion to the agenda of the ruling class, they are famous TV personalities.

So you have this army of journalists, all who were falsely told as children that they were special, and they could be anything they want to be, and thought, as millennials, that what they wanted to be was a “creative truth teller” or some such thing. They ended up as failed losers, with no useful skills, too old to learn HVAC.

Some people are lucky or extraordinarily talented. Raymond Chandler was 44 when he lost his job as an oil company executive for alcoholism and consistently getting caught having sex with female employees and he said “I know – I’ll write detective novels!” He published his first novel at the age of 45.

Chandler was special. But most people are not special. For whatever reason, boomers thought it was a good idea to lie to their children, to tell them that they were all special and could do whatever they wanted to do.

This led to all of these “social science” degrees, and an entire generation that is useless.

The good news is, society is going to collapse soon, and then it won’t matter that millennials don’t have any professional skills, because the name of the game will be survival.

Hopefully, younger people are learning from the abject failure of the millennial generation, and learning skills.

Now, we purebloods are banned from school and work, until the collapse.

I had to cancel a book over this, you know.

I had complete notes, and about 65% of the text filled in, which I’d written as a response to millennial failure between the period of November 2019 and February 2020. Literally, all of the information became useless when the virus hoax came in. I told people this and they were like “oh no, things will go back to normal, you should finish it!”

Now you’re on your way to being banned from both school and work, or you already have been. You definitely can’t fly internationally. About a third of the book was about how to spend a year doing cheap international travel in order to learn some things about stuff. But international travel with no vax is already banned, right now. Purebloods are going to be banned from everything else after the big hoax coming this winter.

I think most millennials are going to be food for cannibal gangs. I see these fat boys and just think “wow, doesn’t he understand how delicious he’s going to look to the blacks when the supply lines fail?”

I said this the other day about this particular Daily Beast anti-racist journalist, Justin Baragona:

After I wrote that article, I started thinking: maybe fattening himself up to be food for the cannibals is part of his anti-racist agenda?

That really would be the ultimate sacrifice.

It could be the explanation as to why these leftist men look so damn juicy.

We mock leftists for eating soy, but you know what else eats soy?

Beef cattle.

Basically, if you are a failed millennial, you’ve been given a mulligan. You never really could have had a career in anything, so it doesn’t matter if you wasted your life and never developed a career. Unless you’re willing to take the vax, there is a 95% chance you will not have any work by this time next year at all. And even if you were willing to take the vax (and remember that you’re not willing to do that), the entire economy is going to be wiped out and people are going to be sent to live in a small room in a high-rise building and eat bug burgers you bought with government digital credits.

As always: you need to move to the country, and settle in.

Even with no skills at all, if you play your cards right, you might live to become a warlord of the wasteland.