Social Media Banning All Interviews with Donald Trump

Lara Trump is becoming a pundit. She is the wife of Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump.

Funnily enough, I turned on Tucker Carlson live last night because Matt Gaetz was on (I don’t usually bother to watch live anymore), and ended up watching through Sean Hannity, and Lara came on with him announcing her as an official Fox News representative employee.

So she now has the official stamp. Fox News’ parent company News Corp is in good standing with Google. They have a deal.

And yet, her recent interview with Donald Trump was banned from YouTube. The above embed is from Rumble (which has been working very well, by the way, although they censor a lot of content themselves).

What’s more, the interview was pulled from Facebook (and Facebook-owned Instagram), claiming that the ban on Trump affects all interviews with him.

YouTube/Google didn’t send any emails like that, but it is basically understood that they have a similar policy. However, Fox News has posted interviews to YouTube that didn’t get deleted, so maybe their policy is more complicated.

The interview itself was not particularly interesting. It’s not really clear what Trump is doing. Apparently, he’s planning on running in 2024, but how does that make any sense? We all understand that the 2020 election was rigged, so why would he believe that in 2024, after four years of Democrat rule, the election would be legitimate?

What’s more, why would Trump think that his supporters would think that?

Trump won the election by a lot, and everyone knows it. He could have flown to Russia and declared himself “President in Exile.” Russia and presumably China would have recognized him as the official president, and it would have been awesome.

Instead, he’s suggesting he’s going to win a rigged election he already lost.

I have to wonder if this isn’t part of some kind of deal to prevent prosecution. The system wants people to engage the system, and Trump telling his followers he’s somehow going to win in 2024 keeps them engaged in the voting hoax.