Social Isolation May Cause Physical Inflammation, Study Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2020

Isolated by Modernity

In the past, isolation often meant death, but thanks to the wonders of Modernity, humans nowadays can survive with little to no contact with other humans.

Need food? Push a button.

Need emotions? Stare at some glowing screen.

But it appears that social isolation has a negative physical effect on humans, especially males.

Study Finds:

Cancelled weekend plans and unanswered text messages always tend to sting from a psychological perspective, but now a new study finds that days and nights spent all alone may cause us physical pain as well. Researchers at the University of Surrey and Brunel University London say that social isolation may lead to increased bodily inflammation.

As part of the largest research initiative on this subject to date, the study’s authors analyzed 30 previous studies that had explored the possibility of a connection between physical inflammation and social isolation.

“Loneliness and social isolation have been shown to increase our risk of poorer health,” says Dr. Kimberley Smith, Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey, in a release. “Many researchers propose that part of the reason for this is because they influence the body’s inflammatory response.”

Interestingly, it also appears that social isolation is more likely to be harmful from a physical perspective for men than women. The study’s authors don’t have an explanation for this gender fluctuation as of yet, but say it’s probably linked to the different ways men and women deal with social stressors.

It’s not surprising.

Women are solipsistic creatures that could happily spend their entire lives rubbing their clitorises and playing with their hair if someone locked them up in a tower.

Men, on the other hand, are intended to interact with other men, to coordinate and work together to achieve goals, fight and build stuff.

The evidence we examined suggests that social isolation may be linked with inflammation, but the results for a direct link between loneliness and inflammation were less convincing. We believe these results are an important first step in helping us to better understand how loneliness and social isolation may be linked with health outcomes,” Dr. Smith explains.

“Our results suggest loneliness and social isolation are linked with different inflammatory markers. This shows how important it is to distinguish between loneliness and isolation, and that these terms should neither be used interchangeably nor grouped together,” concludes Christina Victor, Professor of Gerontology and Public Health at Brunel University London.

Self-inflicted isolation is an understandable response to the degeneracy that is so rampant in the world these days.

People are self-quarantining from the worst disease that was ever known to man: Jewishness.

But we may have to accept that maybe we cannot escape being exposed to this corruption.

You can hide, but The Tranny is still there.

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You need to get out there and claim your place in the world.

We can fight off the bad parts together.