So Yeah, Russia Lost to Croatia. But There’s Still a Chance for a White Team to Win.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2018

I don’t watch the sportsball.

I did go out to a bar and watch this one yesterday tho.

Because I was kinda, you know, sort of harboring a kind of magical belief that maybe Russia could win this whole thing.

They lost in whatever the shootout after a tie thing is called.

I don’t even know.

I don’t even watch American team sports.

Again – not that I’m against it, I just don’t do it. I never have. I get the male bonding aspect of it though, and I think it’s fine.

Anyway, Croatian national team is all white too.

They’re the only white team left.

The other three…

NOTE: these are my numbers by sight, some of these might be whitish North African Arabs - I don't know who any of the players are, so correct me if'n I'm incorrect.

Belgium (7/11):

England (6/11):

And of course, France (3/11):

So I guess I’m rooting for Croatia.

Though it was a real asshole move to dedicate their victory yesterday to Jewkraine.

That’s just incredibly distasteful in any context, but 10x worse when Russia is the host.

I don’t even know why Croatia gives a shit about that conflict. I guess I probably should know. If I was just going to randomly guess, it’s because Serbia is so pro-Russian, so the sentiment isn’t directly related to Russia or the alleged nation of the Ukraine.

Croatians, in my experience, are not virulently anti-Russia in the way that Poles and Bulgarians are. Because Yugoslavia kept a much better relationship with the USSR than most East Bloc nations. But of course they hate Serbs, because every country in the Balkans hates every country on their borders.

I think if I was any type of Slav my inclination would be towards pan-Slavia.

But you would think that about the Arabs too, at least the Sunni ones. And yet, no.

HOWEVER – Sunnis are moving more toward a pan-Arab agenda, given the escalations of the Sunni-Shiite conflict. Hopefully at some point, the East-West European conflict will push Slavs towards pan-Slavism.

The idea you would go along with Islamic immigration and teaching anal sex to 5-year-olds because of grudges over Russian behavior in the communist age (and before, but that’s ancient history) is just nuts to me.