So What is the Deal with the 13 Russian Shitposters?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2018

Most people are aware that 13 Russian shitposters have been indicted. They are also aware that Jew terrorists like Max Boot are claiming that this is the worst attack on America since 911.

Most people are not aware of what these Russians are alleged to have done, presumably because the media has made a significant effort to cover-up the specific claims of misdeed.


Russia has a building in St. Petersburg called "Internet Research Agency" where it is alleged that trolls are employed to post on the internet in ways that are beneficial to the Russian government. Robert Mueller is alleging that throughout the 2016 election season, persons working in this building engaged in various internet trolling campaigns - which included posts on social media and buying advertisements, as well as supporting rallies - which may or may not have benefited Donald Trump in various ways. The broad charge is “conspiracy to defraud the United States,” indicating that in the mind of Robert Mueller, shitposting is a form of fraud and conspiracy. The thirteen indicted are twelve employees and the agency head. None are expected to fly to America to stand trial.

Firstly it should be understood that it is well within the realm of possibility that this whole thing is a hoax. Mueller is under heavy pressure to to come up with something that relates to Russia, and since there is nothing connecting Donald Trump to Russia, and since Russia didn’t really do any actual “meddling,” putting out something that is totally non-falsifiable just to say “here, this is what we got” is not something I would put past them.

That said, what they are being accused of isn’t abnormal and it isn’t illegal, so it is wouldn’t be surprising if Russia is guilty of doing this.

There are a lot of weird elements here which go beyond the basic weird element of viewing shitposting as a criminal act.

Most notably, a lot of the alleged acts were in support of Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups. They posted in support of these groups, and organized (or supported the organization of) rallies for these groups.

Michael Moore actually went to one.

Daily Caller:

Progressive director Michael Moore participated in an anti-Trump protest in New York that was organized by Russians, according to information released Friday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein announced indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller Friday against 13 Russian nationals for meddling in the 2016 election, highlighting how the Russians used social media to stir up strife and anger on social media using memes and unwitting Americans to do their bidding. One Russia-sponsored event was a protest of then President-Elect Donald Trump on Nov. 12, 2016, called “Trump is NOT my President,” and it involved Moore.

Note that this was after the election.

A bunch of the stuff in the indictment happened after the election, meaning that it wasn’t “election meddling,” it was just “trolling.”

Either that, or it was done by someone other than Russia following the Trump victory in order to bolster a case of election meddling by Russia. We know that the FBI had an “insurance policy” to try and screw Trump in case he won by framing him as a Russian agent, so it seems quite likely that they would have staged these events to frame Russia as part of that plot.

Again, we have this issue that nothing that Mueller says or does means very much as we know that he himself is about to be under investigation for staging this gigantic hoax.

Internet Posts as a Criminal Conspiracy

So, posting on social media to promote a political agenda can now be construed as a criminal conspiracy.

I have no idea how, if this is accepted, anyone is ever going to be legally allowed to promote any point of view on the internet ever again.

Or does this only apply to foreign countries?

It has never been illegal before for a foreign government to promote a point of view in another country, but if it is now, I think you all know who has a very serious problem.

Virtually all media in the United States is owned by Jews, and while most of these Jews are American citizens, as Jews they are de facto citizens of Israel. If Russia is really charged for this social media shitposting thing, it is going to be possible to bring a case against the entire media itself as a Jewish conspiracy to undermine American democracy.

Of course, I don’t think that any such case will be brought – I don’t even think that they are going to continue on with this case against the Russian shitposters – but the case will be there to be made, and the Jews will have to respond to it.

Final Takeaway

The most important thing about all of this, which the lying Jewish media will never tell you, is this:

  1. There was no “Russian hacking” – just Russians posting on social media, and
  2. There was no “collusion” – just Russians posting on social media

The entire drama is now over.

The whole stupid idiot thing, as you’ve heard from the Daily Stormer this entire time, was nothing but a goofy hoax.

And now.

Now it is time for us to start our own drama.

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