So This Thing with Global Warming…

This is a real news headline.

I just saw a clip on TV of Greta Thunberg talking about “we have to be concerned about our future.”

Clearly, this little retard is actually seriously disturbed by this idea that her future is being taken from her. You see the dumb bitch, and she is for sure freaking the hell out. No one can doubt that.

We’ve seen that stupid annoying ugly freak have an absolute breakdown in public, where she became emotionally unhinged and said everyone who doesn’t do everything she says and pay taxes to the UN for carbon credits is going to completely ruin her life, personally.

But what is she actually talking about? What is she picturing in her brain that this future will look like when it is destroyed? Like, does she just think it’s going to be really hot outside, and she’ll be sweating all the time?

I have realized that this is never really explicated. These people do not give any clear specifics about what they’re talking about.

Like, if you compare it to my version of the apocalypse – mine is very clear. I picture a brutal authoritarian global state run by sadistic, satanic Jews, who use their power to do what they’re already doing, but on a much more ambitious scale. I think it’s relatively easy to picture a society where you live in a pod, you eat bugs, there is a global government that runs your entire life, only a tiny elite has rights and everyone else is a peasant, society is defined by bizarre sexual behavior, there are few children and those that are born are not raised by their parents, people are injected with things to change their DNA, people are implanted with computer chips that affect their thoughts, new forms of human are genetically engineered to behave in certain ways, the old humans are phased out…

In fact, my dystopia actually looks virtually exactly like what Greta is promoting as a solution to prevent her own version of the apocalypse, which again – is what?

I’m just trying to understand what goes through the mind of a retard when she is told, “the weather will get so hot that you won’t have any future.”

Does she think that like, she’s going to get heat stroke every day, and be really tired?

Is she just worried about sweating all the time?