So the Jews are Just Shooting People with Explosive Sniper Bullets Now

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2018

So I guess this is just okay for the Jews to do.

The IDF used snipers to shot at Palestinian protesters with explosive rounds. It doesn’t seem like a bunch of the guys shot were doing anything aggressive.

The legless man in the video claimed that one of the guys shot was “an old man who wasn’t throwing stones or anything, then he was shot with an explosive bullet.”

Honestly I don’t really care about these Palestinians getting shot. What’s annoying here is these fucking kikes are demanding we allow ourselves to be invaded by Moslems and if we even so much as think of complaining we are evil.

Every individual citizen of any country should have the right to skin any foreigner alive with a rusty butterknife if they wanted, but even suggesting doing anything to defend our borders is the worst thing ever.

Hell, Anglin just wants to use netguns, tasers, and knockout gas to put all these browns on a boat and ship them off to their own countries, and he’s being hunted by the most powerful group of people on Earth because of it.

Personally I think tranq guns would be better. They’re also probably something specifically Blacks and Mexicans would enjoy – since these people are pretty much all on drugs already.

But whatever, Jews will continue to Jew with impunity and we’re going to get wiped out without WWIII happening unless the Alt-Right wins the culture war.