So, Let Me Get This Straight…

If only you knew how… you know the thing.

I wrote today about DirecTV banning OAN at the direction of the alleged president.

As you can imagine, there was a mob of regime loyalists on Twitter praising this action. It’s all just boring.

This tweet struck me though:

Her account actually has a couple hundred thousand followers. Her bio says that she named it when she found out about the killing of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

According to the information, this is the account of a white American woman.

Jamal Khashoggi was killed because after being censored in Saudi Arabia, he fled to various other countries, and was continuing to publish his materials (including in the Washington Post).

I very seriously doubt this woman knows what the Moslem Brotherhood is, or has ever read any of Khashoggi’s articles promoting it.

For those who also don’t know (why would you?), it’s a pan-Arabist Islamic religious/political movement that started in Egypt, and was outlawed by US-backed longtime Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. When Mubarak was removed in 2011, a Brotherhood member was elected president, and they basically took over the entire government. Then about a year later, they were removed through a military coup backed by Barack Obama’s CIA.

A few months later, some Brotherhood people were still protesting the coup, and the CIA military guy did the biggest single day massacre in modern history, gunning down about 1,000 people in public squares.

The military government still rules Egypt and has good relations with America. (After nearly a decade of military rule, the US government has not called for “democracy and human rights” in allied Egypt or threatened a war against them to force democracy on them, suggesting an invisible loophole in our values and who we are.)

I don’t personally know the ins and outs of the Brotherhood, which seems to be a largely confused organization, but Khashoggi’s position was that all Arab countries should be forced to hold democratic elections, wherein Brotherhood candidates would always win due to their strict religious policies (similar to the way Republicans will always win in Baptist counties), and that this would form the basis of a pan-Arabist Islamic union.

So, you can see why the Saudi regime would be opposed to him. It’s much harder to see why some white bitch on Twitter promoting vax propaganda would support him. She appears to be saying she supports him on the principle that he is a journalist, rather than because she is a supporter of the Moslem Brotherhood.

Censorship always happens to journalists before they are imprisoned and/or murdered for continuing to publish. Trust me – it’s something I’ve thought a bit about personally. So it’s just wacky that you’d feel so adamant about Khashoggi’s death that you named your account after him, but also be a supporter of the censoring of American journalists (whose content you probably couldn’t summarize any better than you could summarize the positions of the Moslem Brotherhood).

Obviously, this is just standard fare, but it seemed worthwhile to take the time to look at the microcosm of the absurdity of leftist identity. These people are all total wrecks personally, which is why they are able to keep up this level of cognitive dissonance in their politics. A normal, healthy person is not able to reconcile extreme contradictions like this.

Leftism feeds off of people being mentally and emotionally unstable.