So Iranians Were Pretending to be Proud Boys in Menacing Emails – What was Russia Doing?

As we’ve reported, the DNI and the FBI on Wednesday came out with an emergency press conference and said that Iran is sending emails to voters, pretending to be the Proud Boys and threatening them to vote for Donald Trump – or else.

The spooks did not make it clear if Iran was doing this because they support Donald Trump, or because they wanted to get caught on purpose to make Trump look bad. The media hasn’t tried to analyze what it means, and I don’t care to because I don’t think it’s real.

The spooks and the media are also saying “Russian meddling,” but I’ve yet to see what they are saying Russia did. The Iran thing is very specific, but maybe Russia is simply engaged in “generalized nefariousness”?

I’ve got a really bad headache right now, and won’t actually be surprised if I die from it, so I’m not as totally on the ball as I usually am, but I just can’t find anything about what Russia is being accused of, specifically.

I found this quote from some Jew at ABC News:

Former top Department of Homeland Security official and ABC News contributor John Cohen said the announcement shows “we are not doing enough to protect our election process.”

“Tonight we have learned that foreign entities were able to access voter registration information and send intimidating emails to American voters that were intended to influence how they vote,” Cohen said. “The president needs to take this threat seriously, stop spreading Russian disinformation and he needs to tell his allies on Capitol Hill to stop chasing conspiracy theories and instead start focusing on protecting America from foreign attacks.”

“Take Russian meddling seriously and knock it off with the conspiracy theories” may be the funniest thing a Jew has ever said. It’s certainly a lot funnier than anything Sacha Baron Cohen ever said. I would like to see this Jew go on TV and say that without cracking up.

The entire “Russian meddling” thing was of course recently admitted to be a gigantic hoax. Like, the documents were released.

From start to finish, the whole thing was manufactured by bad actors.

Just a quick refresher:

  • First, neocon Jews who were supporting Marco Rubio put together a folder of fake intelligence accusing Trump of being a Russian spy.
  • Then, the Clinton campaign got the folder from the Jews, and continued to expand on it.
  • The CIA found out that Clinton was doing this, and Barack Obama, the president, was briefed on it by then CIA director John Brennan.
  • Then, the FBI got the document from Clinton and used it to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.
  • Obama and his entire staff knew that the warrant was issued on fake pretenses, but did an “unmasking” of names collected by the intelligence agencies. (Apparently, they were trying to find ways to thwart Trump, presumably by uncovering some scandal that was unrelated to Russia, because they knew there was no Russia scandal. However, this part hasn’t been specifically explained, because William Barr refuses to open a real investigation and recently closed his fake investigation without charges.)
  • After Trump won the election, James Comey again used the “dirty dossier” created by Clinton to wage a war against Trump (a lot happened there – he set up Michael Flynn, he claimed Trump was lying about Obama spying on Trump, he kept publicly implying that Trump only was elected because of Russia, and so on).
  • Comey was then fired by Trump, after being advised to do so by then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
  • Rosenstein, who was in charge of the Russian investigation because then Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself, appointed a “special counsel” to investigate Donald Trump as a Russian spy, citing the firing of James Comey and a memo Comey wrote as proof of the need of an investigation. The memo Comey wrote was based again on this same fake document from the Clinton campaign.
  • A special counsel, ostensibly run by the former FBI director Robert Mueller (who was later shown to be totally senile), spent two years investigating whether or not Trump is a Russian spy. They eventually said that they can’t prove he is a Russian spy, but assured the public that maybe he is, actually.

Again, the documents finally proving all of this were just released earlier this month. We’d been telling you this since the beginning here at the Daily Stormer, but it was only this month that John Brennan’s notes showing that he knew it was a hoax, manufactured by the Clinton campaign, in 2016 when he informed Barack Obama that it was happening and was a hoax by the Clinton campaign.

It’s really frankly possibly the most insulting thing I’ve ever experienced, to have these people now coming out again and saying “oh, but it’s real this time.”

What does it actually even mean?

Is this like, some kind of Santa Claus type thing?

(And yes, I get that technically, saying that Trump being a Russian spy is a separate claim to Russians supporting Trump by “hacking,” but let’s be real: “Russian hacking” was created as a way to bolster the claim that Trump was a Russian spy, meaning that when it is proved that was a hoax, the rest of it should have been also proved to be a hoax. It’s like this: if there are two dead bodies in a boathouse, and you’re accused of killing them, if you’re cleared on one of the killings, it’s going to pretty much prove you didn’t do either.)