So, I Watched the First Season of Utopia (2013)…

Over the weekend, I took time out to finish the first season of the 2013 British television series “Utopia.” This is not my official review, which I will not write until I’ve finished the second season. As it might be a while until I have time to finish the second season, I just want to make some brief comments on the show.

Note: This is all spoilers, but the show itself really isn’t very good, so I don’t think it matters much. But if you want to watch it without spoilers, stop reading now.

The show is about a fake virus – a coronavirus, the sequel to SARS (i.e., the current virus we are supposedly experiencing, which is officially titled “Sars-CoV-2”) – that is hoaxed by a secret meta-governmental body in order to get people to take a vaccine that sterilizes them.

Here are some other things featured in the show:

  • Shadow government (cryptocracy) that manipulates politicians, who are actually frontmen for the conspiracy (many or most of the politicians are not aware of the conspiracy)
  • Shadow government is based in interlinking private corporations that control the government by manipulating politicians
  • MK Ultra mind control killers
  • Scientists who know the virus is fake being afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist (“They’ll turn me into David Icke”)
  • Media telling everyone about the personal vices of a scientist who spoke out (“I do like cocaine and hookers, but they didn’t have to tell everyone”)
  • Fake virus’ origin is blamed on enemy country (“The Russian Flu”)
  • Institutionalizing a whistleblower who is framed as mentally ill
  • Sending someone who knows too much to jail on fake underage sex charges
  • Sending someone who knows too much to jail on fake child porn charges
  • An MK Ultra mind controlled killer committing a mass shooting and the cryptocracy using a deep fake to frame someone who knows too much
  • Using the threat of overpopulation to convince people to get in on the conspiracy
  • Using Russian hookers to blackmail politicians into going along with the conspiracy
  • Showing people live video surveillance of their loved ones with someone in a mask on camera waiting by to rape them on command if the person doesn’t do as they’re told
  • A genetically-engineered disease that you have to take special drugs to stop from killing you, and only the secret government has the special drugs
  • Normal people learning about the conspiracy and sympathizing with its goals, and concluding that the end justifies the means

This is a “just jam it all in” type situation.

What is fascinating is that in the show, the protagonists find out about the conspiracy from a comic book. That is to say, a piece of entertainment media reveals the conspiracy. The show is a piece of entertainment media, which reveals the coronavirus conspiracy. This is to say: the show appears to be telling you that it is revealing a conspiracy.

Whether that is the case or not: I do not believe that someone could have come up with all of this coincidentally. Even if someone read a lot of conspiracy material, this is just too much.

I mean, we saw some MK Ultra stuff in Stranger Things.

I watched that and said “yeah, okay, that’s cute – these guys listened to some conspiracy podcasts.”

But this idea of faking a virus – I had never heard of this conspiracy. You can go back and read my posts last year, when the virus first supposedly emerged, and see me working through it, day by day, as new information came out. I came to the conclusion before I think anyone else that “the virus” was just the flu.

I wish I would have watched Utopia when it aired, as I would have recognized it immediately.

The whole story is there.

The story includes poisoning food to give virus-like symptoms and kill a few people, to then kick-start the virus hoax. I first said “well, they didn’t do that in real life – they just pointed at the flu and called it a new virus.”

But then I remembered the big outbreak in Italy, which remains the only “big outbreak” where a lot of people died – that could have been some kind of poisoning of the food supply. But it also could have just been a hotspot for the flu. Looking back now, however, it makes sense some regular food in Lombardy could have been poisoned with something that would cause old people to get sick and die.

I’m going to try some artistic screenshotting here, rather than trying to clip and upload this scene from episode 4.

(I assume that’s supposed to be “causal link,” but I don’t really understand British. Not even the robots who subtitle robots that transcribe their speech can understand it. These people should really learn to speak English.)

That scene is in the act II reveal.

It’s before you find out that the goal is to sterilize the population.

The show does have acts.

For the disgusting and shameful morons who write American material, this is the structure of narrative fiction:

It has been the same since fifth century BC – Aristotle did a detailed dissection of it in the fourth century BC, explaining why it was necessarily the structure – and you’re not going to be the guy who comes up with something better. William Shakespeare was born 2,000 years after the structure of a play was formalized, and he looked at the old Greek works, and did not find that the structure could be improved upon in any significant way. If you are working in Hollywood in the 21st century, I can promise you, you are not smarter than Shakespeare. If you were, you would have a different job.

This isn’t a review, but I’ll just say: Utopia is not a bad show, overall. It follows the basic rules of screenwriting, which, again, is more than I can say about 96% of American television shows of the last ten years. The acting is all great, and the cinematography, sets, music, general direction – all done very well for a television budget.

That said, I didn’t really enjoy the show, because it was too gross. It is produced by Channel 4, which most non-British probably don’t know, is a competitor to the BBC, and tries to distinguish itself from the BBC by being “hip” and “edgy.” In this show, that means a gratuitousness – killing children, torture, interracial sex. The edgy stuff prevented me from enjoying the show, despite it basically having the most engaging content of any show I’ve ever seen.

I’m loath to watch the second season, because I imagine that the producers (rather than the writers and directors) were sitting there saying “make this one even MORE edgy!” I almost feel I would rather watch Star Trek: Discovery season 3 and write some of my infamous Alex Kurtzman Star Trek reviews.

However, I will watch season 2 of Utopia, sometime over the next couple of weeks, and I will write a full 2,500-word review. Right now, I’m just feeling like I should get the word out, and let people know that this exists. I do not see many people talking about it.

As far as how to watch it – well, IF YOU’RE IN A COUNTRY WITHOUT COPYRIGHT LAWS, I’ve heard that it’s available on [REDACTED]. You can also just type “Utopia 2013 s01e01” into, and hope you get lucky (it helps if you know a little bit of Russian, because the Chrome auto-translate thing doesn’t really work on pages with Russian and English on the same page). Make sure to check local laws and see if you’re allowed to click things on Yandex, but typically streaming something is different than downloading it, in terms of copyright liability. But look – we don’t advise anyone to commit crimes, including the worst crime in all of history, which is copyright infringement.

If you’re in most first world countries, the show is available for steaming purchase on Amazon.

The “watch party,” where you stream and have a chat with your friends is a really fun idea, and I would actually pay to do that with you guys, but as we know, it would get shut down and all of our accounts would get banned – because Heather Heyer was BEAUTIFUL and she was murdered by a white supremacist car accident, and that is something that you just can’t joke about. This is not okay.

So, we can’t do the watch party.

But kudos to whoever came up with that – it’s a really nice idea.

I don’t know why that’s showing in pounds. But is it worth £3.99?

I would say definitely yes, if you’re into the conspiracy content and aren’t going to flip into a rage every time you see a fat white bitch getting nailed by a very smart colored gentleman. (Again – also child murder. They don’t show it, but they come right up close – i.e., guy holding a gun at a kid, screen goes black, you hear the bang. I found it disturbing enough to ruin the overall experience. And remember: I’m not a known prude – in fact, I’m the number one guy who argues that you should be able to kill children in video games.)

Grossness aside: finding this show is one of the most amazing experiences of my year to date. I just can’t even believe this was made. The fact that it was made is itself as interesting as the content.

By the way – I know very little about the American remake of Utopia. It was remade by Amazon in 2019, and released in September of 2020 – obviously after all of this stuff started happening in real life.

It also stars John Cusack, who has made some very interesting un-PC statements in the past.

So, it might be interesting, and I’m going to check it after I finish season 2 of the British one.

The American version is even more diverse than the British one – it was already the Small, Small World Disneyland ride, and they decided to replace one of the whites with a black. Then – cleverly – they reversed the race mixers, making it a white man and a black woman (because they’re trying to push WMBF on poor unsuspecting incels now).

I would definitely suspect that in all likelihood the American version is not as good as the British one, but if you can get the American one for free, maybe it’s worth checking.

Let’s just see if we can’t get people talking about this show, okay? I’ve heard no one talking about it.

And here’s a very important reality that I’ve come to understand: People won’t believe something is real until they’ve seen it in fiction.